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Last night I attended a political meet and greet for Tim Neville who is running for U.S. Senate to replace Mike Bennet, in Colorado.

He’s been my choice since I heard he was running for office, and I can’t even remotely think of anyone more qualified for the position.

Start Your Own BusinessThe whole circle of political power comes down to being willing to SERVE. Every time I’ve supported a candidate, I look at their willingness to serve others, and that’s the power behind so much of what we need to do in life.

Are you willing to serve?

If you’re not willing to serve others and you’re attempting to find a job, or build a business, or run for office… WHY?

What’s your purpose?

What are you offering others?

If what you’re doing won’t benefit someone, why are you doing it?

I bump into so many people everyday who are out of work, looking for something to do, and rushing through their lives, waiting for ‘something to happen’ that will benefit them… What about doing something that benefits others?

What can you do, today, that would benefit someone else?

How about if you find a way to do that, and earn money doing it?

Stop waiting for something to happen, and do something to make it happen?

Set a goal right now, to help someone out. Then do it.

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