Sometimes the simplest parts of your marketing will render the most success to your business. Consider for a moment that five minutes a day you take to remind your Twitter Followers to come visit your website and read your latest post?

marketingSocial Media Marketing offers relevant options and opportunities to grab a marketing venue and make that marketing venue work to capture a buying audience for your business. Using the three largest forms of social media marketing to capture an audience and grow your business is just smart marketing.

Twitter –

Use #hashtags and square off your topics so they can be found by topic and long-tail phrases, for instance #articlemarketing #contentisking #writerforprofit and #topicofinterest and then share it. Tweet your article, your link, and your name into oblivion and see who loves you, tweets you, retweets you, and gets you noticed. If one person always retweets what you say – go visit their page, like their stuff and give them some #twitterlove. New friends on twitter can be a boost to your marketing momentum. #marketwell and you’ll find a lot of people promote you.

Facebook – 

Use #hashtags on Facebook to increase views of your posts. When you #hashtag and @nameviewers there are several responses that happen via techno-geek-ology the biggest one is that more people than just your friends suddenly have access to your posts, and get to view what you write. Marketing to the bigger audience, means you open the door to more interest than you might find among your friends. If you use phrases that others might use to refer to their business, or might be searched, or would be relevant to a variety of topics, you open the door to new audiences, relevant visitors, and competitors to see.

When you capture ‘concept changers’ or people who might not be in your ‘marketing niche’ but have a relevant interest in what you do and bring them to your website, you may actually be capturing an entirely different market. The relevance of your marketing in these niches, becomes key to your success.

LinkedIn – 

Not only is LinkedIn a relevant means of marketing your business, but by writing a monthly article on LinkedIn you have the potential to reach people who might never find you on any other media, particularly larger businesses and industries. People who follow LinkedIn, read and share their articles, and apply the information to their businesses are more often a different demographic than either Twitter or Facebook. You really do need to think in bigger formats, and combine various methods of social media to expand your professional horizons and reach out to a larger buying audience.

If you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with all of this, I have a solution. It works.

You can achieve your marketing goals on a variety of social media platforms without lifting a single finger by paying a Social Media Marketing Specialist to do the work for you. Not only do we know when to promote on various platforms, but we have the methods perfected and designed to get your promotion done in a timely manner, every single day.

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