That FREE Consult You Just Got…

That FREE Consult

Hey Client, who informed me I don’t know what I’m talking about and every bit of information I just gave you during that free consult was “my problem” because you know how to operate your website… Remember when you informed me that you were NOT getting any business from your site, and you needed help to figure out the marketing part of running a business?

Yeah… That’s what I was giving you. A list of FREE recommendations you could have applied to your marketing to increase sales. But… It’s my problem. Bye

That FREE Consult

It was midnight when the phone jingled on my night stand. I don’t know why I left the messenger on, I’ve gotten into the habit of turning it off when I go to bed, but I forgot. I like having it close by in case one of the kids texts me, or calls – I’m a mom, what can I say.

“If you get into business solely to make money, you won’t. If you try to make a real difference, you’ll find true success.” —Richard Branson

But the jingle woke me up, so when I picked it up and read it, I responded.


Your midnight message was so important that you didn’t bother to respond to my response until mid morning – SATURDAY. And you had more questions to ask… I had already started writing the blog post – the one that was supposed to go here – but, you had questions, and I was trying to be helpful.late hour

So, you got that free consult… Those questions you asked weren’t about my services, they were about services you HIRED elsewhere.

I should have ignored them, but that isn’t my style.

So I offered recommendations.

My time is valuable, yet… you ask questions as if your questions are more important than my time. And then you don’t take my advice… Is it any wonder that I feel like you’re squandering my good will?

Here are some of the incredibly good recommendations I gave you, and I’ve shared them before with others. The information is good. If you want to apply it, do so. If not… I suppose that is your choice.

But – I’m going to share the answers I gave you, so others can benefit.

1 – Use KEYWORD Phrases Your Customers Search

Think like a customer for a moment, and think about what your customers might be really looking for instead of what you’re trying to sell. Are they looking for FREE information? Maybe they really need that FREE Consult to figure out who they need to call… Twenty minutes of time isn’t much to give, when the customers listen to you, follow your recommendations, and apply what you give them. And both of you benefit. That’s the key. Offer a free consultation, and know that when it’s applied information, it benefits everyone.


But you have to figure out what YOUR customers want… Mine more often than not, would really like to start with that free consult, then they will either hire me for a Coffee Consult – or they’ll go for the whole marketing package, a new website build, or something more…

Let’s ask a few questions:

  1. What do your clients need?
  2. Where are your clients located?
  3. Who are your clients?
  4. When do your clients look for you?
  5. How do your clients find you?

Now let’s offer some customer/client centric content to your website.

2 – Solve Your Client’s Problems

Offer up solutions. Be specific. Remember the keyword thing above, and think about what they may be looking for, because they won’t already have the name of the solution. They’ll be asking about the problem. So offer your solution in ways that are keyword tagged for the problem, so they can find them. missing piece

When you provide the missing piece of the puzzle, your client can put the rest of their picture together. Your job is to show them the picture and help them find the missing pieces.

No matter what business you’re in, those missing pieces are the single factor in your success, and they won’t all be the same.

When you have access to solutions, you can bring in buyers. That’s the secret to driving traffic to your website is providing enough solutions on your website for the specific niche you serve. Can you increase the solutions? Of course, you can. Ask your clients what solutions they’d like you to find. They’ll communicate with you if they can find you. Be sure to offer plenty of value.

3 – Generate Traffic with Information Articles

When your solutions are good enough to capture an audience that audience will join your website, and come back to visit often. Some of the simpler ways to bring readers to your site and then keep them on your site are listed below:

  • Post a blog 3 – 5 times a week.
  • Interlink to deeper pages/blog posts on new blogs.
  • Add a snippet of content to entice your readers to click a link.
  • Promote through article marketing.
  • Develop Social Media Presence & Capture an Audience.
  • #hashtag your way to success on twitter.
  • Snapchat your stories and curate to relationalize them.
  • Improve your presence and impact by adding frequent NOTES to your Facebook Page.
  • Increase online presence with YouTube videos.
  • Develop a system for raising the cream to the top on social media.

These are just a few ways for you to generate heavy traffic to your website and improve connections to your web presence online.

50 Ways to Market Online

These are still just a few of the many ways you can market  your business online. If you’d like that FREE Consult, to see what we can do with your business online – give me a call – or click the link.




That FREE Consult You Just Got… — 4 Comments

  1. Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”

    Exod 20:17 “You SHALL NOT COVET your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or ANYTHING that belongs to your neighbor.”

    Prov 14:4 “Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much REVENUE comes BY THE STRENGTH OF THE OX.”

    Exod 23:12 “Six days you are to do your work, but on the seventh day you shall cease from labor so that YOUR OX and your donkey MAY REST, and the son of your female slave, as well as your stranger, MAY REFRESH THEMSELVES.”

    My friend Jan Verhoeff gives some good advice on how to be a GOOD CUSTOMER to businesses. Yes, you heard that right.

    You see, as Christians, we’re suppose to love our neighbor AS ourselves (I win/You win), not FOR ourselves (I win/they lose) or INSTEAD OF (I lose/they win) ourselves. God looks at YOU and how YOU handle your side of any business transaction JUST as He does with the business person.

    If you use an ox to plow your field, what happens if you mistreat or don’t feed your ox? They weaken, get sick, and won’t plow your field, even die, right? Notice that God says you’re NOT to mistreat your animals, you’re to give THEM a day of rest, too. And animals are lower than humans, right? So if you mistreat another human, you’re treating them lower than animals!
    I suggest you not mock God by mistreating another human being.

    Listen to Dennis Prager’s take on stealing from another human:…/religionphilosophy/do-not-steal

    • Sometimes the most significant reviews of an article are those that add content and value to the article. Thanks, Kevin, for adding insight to this article. It always helps a writer to have input and responses to a piece of content where value is the intended purpose.

  2. I find a lot of free information on your site, and on other websites online. If I wanted to ask a question, or get more information how would I obtain consulting time? In most cases I search for marketing advice, and just add what works, but sometimes it’s good to have someone put together a solid plan. Is that something you would do?

    • Jenny, thanks for asking.

      Often searching for marketing options is a great way to find new ideas. Marketing professionals, because they’re already in the ring, working the audience, generally have a better grasp of what will work, and what will not. Definitely do your own back up work, but be willing to listen to your marketing expert and follow their directions.

      To obtain consulting services from me, go to

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