The Car Charger is Locked in the Car

Sometimes, you just have to tell a story, a reminder that what may appear to be a difficult moment, isn’t always as difficult as it seems…

Enjoy —

“Jack, I can’t get there!”

cowboy campCarolyn was the most efficient wife in the camp. No doubt about it, she did more in the 24 hour day than most women do in a week, and none of us could believe she was calling on her cell phone to tell us that she couldn’t get to the camp. Already an hour late, she was asking someone to come get her, crying into the phone.

“I can’t get there, someone is going to have to come get me!”

“Okay, Betty’s at Gramma’s, I’ll have her come by,” Jack answered.

“Jack, Betty doesn’t have the key. We need you to come back out here, because you’re the only one with a key.”

“Just ride in with Betty!” Jack was beginning to sound exasperated.

“Jack, the food is in the trunk with the keys. We’ve got to get the keys out of the trunk of the car. My phone is almost dead and the car charger is in the car.” The incessant beep on the other end of the phone warned of impending disconnection.

Jack looked at the now dead phone. “Guess I’d better head for the ranch.”

“Call Betty first, so she can go calm Carolyn down,” another cowboy suggested, before Jack took off in his truck.

After a short conversation, Betty had the whole story.cowboy rails

Betty answered, “Dad, don’t worry. I’ll go check on Mom and I’ll call if you need to come get her.”

Time passed and within the thirty minutes it would have taken Jack to unhitch the trailer and drive to the ranch, Betty and Carolyn pulled into camp with both vehicles. There were a few surprised faces around, but nobody said a word. Carolyn laughed nervously, unloaded the car and started preparing dinner.

“So, how did you get the keys? All the doors were locked.” Jack finally asked, reaching into his pocket to locate the keys to his truck.

Betty grinned from ear to ear as she held up Jack’s keys, “I was at Granny’s, getting the stuff out of the barn. I had YOUR keys!”

“So,” Jack looked a little guilty at his momentous memory error, “Did Mom get her phone charged with the car charger?”

“Yeah…” Betty handed him the keys.

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