The Kid with Bruce Willis

Have you ever seen it?

There’s a red plane setting the scene, for a kid who reveals the characteristics that created the monster Bruce Willis’ character became in the movie. Because the kid reveals those characteristics, the character becomes a better person, marries, and has a dog named Chester. The killer of the story is the viability of character development that happens in the story. This is a Transformational Fiction.

The KidBeyond the fact that the story makes a huge, very real, difference in the life of the main character from beginning to end, the cast for this particular movie offers an incredible dynamic. The Kid is the real character. He’s the reality of the whole setting, and because he’s so totally legitimate, so totally real, his transparency is the big reveal for the main character.

What does any of this have to do with my blog, my business, and my writing?

It’s a favorite movie, because the ending – the main character survives and becomes an amazing person – reveals the quality of the person in the story.

You see, we all come through life with these incredible experiences that make us who we are. And our choices during those life events determine the quality of our lives. When we realize the opportunity and begin to recognize the value of making better choices, of choosing our ultimate outcome then the understanding of all those decisions help us through life. The choices. The decisions we make. The experiences we have. The people we meet. All these things determine the people we become, and we get to choose the outcome.

What choices are you making today that will change your world and improve your life?

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