The Man Upstairs Taking a Shower…

I have a good friend, a writer, who frequently posts funny bits of information on facebook. This week he’s been posting rather frequently, capturing a huge audience with his hilarious posts and ‘true stories’, but this one in particular caught my attention.

My grandfather was a Peeping Tom. He used to drill holes in his floor and spy on the people living in the apartment below him. Good old grandpa. He died a long time ago, but I kind of like thinking about him up there somewhere…..looking down on us.

The reason it captured my attention is a frequent family joke – a reminder of days gone by and my son-in-law’s momentary blitz of elemental wisdom.

He’s a smart guy, honest! My daughter selected a great man to be her husband and the father of her children. We have all grown to love and respect him, and we admire the way he fits into our family.

So, the story goes:

We’re all sitting in the living room of my older daughter’s 3rd floor apartment, located on the top floor of her apartment building, and there’s a weird, loud screaming noise, like a water pipe screaming when the hot water comes on, coming from the ceiling area. This happens man in the showerseveral times during one particular morning, and we’re all commenting on the sound, wondering what it is. After several minutes, my son-in-law essentially staying out of the conversation, because he’s busy playing a video game on the television, he says, “It’s probably the man upstairs taking a shower.”


The room gets deathly silent as we wait for him to realize what he’s said, and he doesn’t. Several minutes later, my daughter, his wife, says, “Uh…. Kevin, there isn’t anyone living upstairs. We’re on the top floor.”

So, today I see Bendell’s post and start laughing, because it reminds me of the ‘man upstairs’ comment my son-in-law made more than eight years ago.

And that my friends is how Social Media Marketing works.

You see a comment by someone on your social media, and it reminds you of something in real life, and you find a connection. That connection makes you remember and think about something else, like the shower faucet downstairs that we need to replace, and then you’re off looking for something on Google, to help you replace the shower faucet.

Social Media Marketing is like Attention Deficit Disorder, only with a purpose.

Think about it… I bet you’ll agree with me!

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