The New Kid On The Block

new kidMy grandson started school, for the first time as a 1st grader, about two weeks ago. As any newcomer to change, he struggles with the act of making the change. He can’t quite understand the process of getting up in the morning and getting dressed, getting shoes on, and getting out the door by a set time. He liked staying home, doing his own time thing and not being anywhere at a given time. And his mommy was pretty well comfortable with her chore process as incremental time slots of action while the kids played, worked, and did their own thing. Change happens.

Now, the new kid on the block, he’s new in First Grade and doing great.

But adapting to the new schedule and rush of mornings has been rather like having a new client.

You must set boundaries.

New clients have a tendency to think they are your only client. They don’t understand the reality of getting things done and the time required to get it all done, doesn’t include discussing the whole process – AS it is done. And definitely doesn’t include repeating the how-to process several times over as it’s done.

But marketing – 

that process of talking the client through what you can do for them, and explaining how it works, until they send you the check so you can get started… That’s a different game.


Taking an unprecedented break here to tell you about the pumpkin spice cookies my daughter brought home from Safeway just now. If you haven’t indulged in these flavor addicting cookies, be fore warned… Don’t. However, we’ve been infected with the addition. Fortunately, there are 7 people in and out here most days, so a dozen of these incredibly decadent cookies doesn’t last long, and nobody gets more calories than can be worked off with an extra ten minutes on the treadmill, but OH MY HEAVENS they are a bite of delicious.

Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Safeway. As fast as you can drive there. Get a box of these. They’re only about an inch in diameter, a little tiny bite of heaven. Add coffee for a break you won’t soon forget.

You deserve it!


Marketing is how you sell product. Your own, or someone else’s… Marketing is what you do to grab the attention of others and give them a glimpse of the incredible wonder that results from working with you.

Then you do the work.

You still take time to talk, to chat with the customer, but the customer needs to understand that there’s a reason why you’re CHARGING them for what you do for them. It’s so you can get the job done, efficiently, effectively, and immediately. This process is what they’re paying you to do, and now that they’ve agreed to the job, they must let you do it.

Just like the new kid on the block – in school. He has time lines, deadlines, class times, and specific things he has to do, and so do you.

Let’s get the job done. 

As a new customer, what can you expect?

  1. Questions and answers from your new web designer/marketing agent.
  2. Some discussion about types of results, and expectations. (they can’t give you guarantees, but they can help you see results as they happen)
  3. Results. You can expect your services to be done in the time promised.
  4. Information about what is being done, but not necessarily HOW it is being done.
  5. Reports on the final processes.
  6. Be prepared to answer questions and give details necessary for your designer/marketing agent to do what needs to be done.
  7. Satisfaction. Remember, there are no guarantees, but there should be solutions to your problems,and beneficial results.

Are you the new kid on the block?

Let’s work together to get everything done that you need done.

You be sure I have all the information, and I’ll get the work done in a timely manner.

Let’s do this!

coffee time

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