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THAT Is The Question…

Hugh LiddleA salesman walked up to a house where a little boy was sitting out on the front steps.

“Is your mom home?” the salesman asked.

“Yep!” replied the little kid.

The salesman went up and knocked on the door. No answer.

He rang the doorbell. No answer.

He banged on the door really hard. No answer.

He turned back to the little boy. “I thought you said your mom was home!”

“She is,” replied the boy, “but I don’t live here!”

What two mistakes did the salesman make?

First, he asked a closed-ended question. If he had asked, “Where is your mom?” he likely would have gotten an answer that included the information that Mom was in a different house.

The second mistake is that he assumed. He assumed that the boy was sitting on the steps of his own home, when in fact he wasn’t!

Assumptions about people, their circumstances, their financial ability and their needs will almost always get you in trouble when you have a sales conversation.

Asking good open-ended questions and listening closely to the answers, instead of assuming. are two of the most vital skills in selling!

Good selling!!

Hugh Liddle

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