The Rock…

“You really need a new office chair,” my son-in-law commented again this morning.

“I know I do. I found one yesterday, but it’s $78 and I didn’t want to spend the money…” I answered, replacing the rock that holds one leg of my five legged chair at the ‘expected height’ so I’m not sitting lopsided.

At first there was just one wheel broken off, when Sean gave me the chair he thought was ‘better than the one I’d had before’ because the cushion on the seat wasn’t worn. It was after he’d already carried mine to the dumpster when I realize wheel was broken.

the rockSo, at first, I kept putting the wheel back on, and sitting carefully. Then the wheel disappeared, so I just sat carefully on the chair until… The second wheel broke. Again, I battled with putting the wheel back on, until it wouldn’t stay on anymore. And now… It’s a rock.

Not just any ‘chair’ will do.

I’m a big girl, so I need a rather sturdy and functional chair. It has to be high quality, the usual discount store chair won’t work. So, I need to take time to go to a good office supply store and find a high quality chair, with good sturdy wheels, and a good functional adjustment set up. Therein lies the problem. I need to TAKE TIME, and SPEND MONEY.

Neither of those things appeal to me…

So I’ll take a moment and reset the rock, adjust my chair, and sit carefully, instead.

Some might accuse me of procrastinating, and others know that there’s a different variable going on there, but mostly… I just need a new office chair in the style and design that would be suitable for me to use 24/7 as my kids think I work ALL the time. (I don’t, but that’s another discussion.)

Today, I realized the significance of the rock.

I’m a problem solver. Not necessarily always the kind that you might be thinking of, I won’t always automatically go for the REPLACEMENT PIECE, sometimes it’s more important to just live with the problem for a bit until you find the right solution.

I don’t like waste. So, I frequently will live with a problem long enough to find the RIGHT solution, rather than simply replacing or grabbing up the first solution to come available. The biggest issue I have with grabbing the ‘quick solution’ is the consistent residual of having to then fix the quick solution with a real solution later… Why not wait a bit, find the real solution, and apply that, instead of having to find several solutions for the same problem?

Here’s my plan:

1 – Figure out what the problem is – in my current case, I need a new office chair.

2 – Determine immediate options – find a way to either get the permanent solution, or something that you can do in the interim until you get the real solution.

3 – Decide what the best option would be to solve the problem – I have a specific chair in mind, but it’s way out of my price range. I won’t pay that much for it, even though I use it non-stop.

4 – Find your solution at that price.

5 – Grab the solution – enjoy.

The Rock – the solution I’m currently using came from the garden, a simple flat on two sides rock, with a rounded two inch thick shape. I rest the metal leg of my chair on the top of the rock and the bottom of it in a rubber ‘caster’ to protect the floor. In case you need a quick and easy roller solution for your office chair… *wink*

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