There’s Not Enough Time In My Day!

Do you ever get the feeling you just need a few more hours in each day?

I always struggle to get the work done, play with the grandkids, and clean, do chores, run errands, and… All that STUFF on my To-Do List.

To Do ListSometimes the to-do-list gets so big in my head that it’s overwhelming, so I’ve started doing ‘brain dumps’ where I get out a piece of paper and draw or write all the thoughts crossing my mind, instead of worrying about them.  Often, as I create the sheet, and look back at the size and feel of the items in my head, I realize the thoughts and worries were far bigger than the reality of what needed to be done.

The huge challenge is to identify and prioritize the important things that really MUST be done, right now. 

As a business owner, I have clients who need work done, and marketing that needs to be done, blog posts that must be written, and errands that have to be run… And there’s coffee. I need more coffee. I’m almost out of coffee. Now, that may not mean much to my clients,  until they realize that without coffee, I’m not going to get it all done… Coffee is important.

And I need a break. I need a vacation. I really desperately need a vacation some days, even just a few minutes to take a walk, regroup, and breathe… Because you know, breathing is important.

But there’s marketing.

I have to market to bring in new clients, and invite them to participate in my programs, or to get some of my services to improve their lives. All of this is just as important as meeting my current client’s marketing needs, because I have to keep my business profitable to keep working for my clients. Otherwise… Business Expansion

The reality factor says I need to bring in new business, as well as keep my clients happy. And that’s how it all works, best.

But what difference does all this make to you? 

If I can expand the hours in my day – or logically organize my time – and share that concept with you, the benefit to both of us is that we get to spend our time accomplishing the things that need done, do things for ourselves – self care is important, just ask Diane – like travel, and still have time for those all important extras that mean so much to all of us, like family, fun and entertainment, and maybe even a massage or mani-pedi?

Not everyone can be so artistically pure when spewing their thoughts all over a piece of paper, but putting your thoughts in print can really allow you to let go of all the clutter that makes up your day and figure out what to do with the time you do have to get things done.

1 – Make a list.

braindumpBy using whatever means works for you, put all your thoughts about this day on a piece of paper and review it for important things that must be done today. Write those things on another piece of paper. Prioritize your list, so you get to the most important things first.

2 – Create a schedule.

Getting things done on a schedule or by a deadline is so much easier for most of us, so schedule your work and put away the cell phone, social media, etc. until you’re done with your scheduled work (TIP: I even schedule those things into my day, because i have to do them, so I make sure it’s on my schedule, not someone else’s.)

3 – Do one thing at a time.

Concentrate on one thing at a time, do that one thing and get it done faster than if you’re scattered. For instance: My daughter is visiting and while working on this post, she came in to ask me questions about their new fence. I stopped to answer questions, got side tracked to put a child’s shoes on him, and got into a discussion about power washing a fence, and the requirements of putting in new baseboards. A post that normally would have taken me about twenty minutes to write, has now taken up more than three hours of my morning. My daughter’s information is priority at the moment, because they’re trying to get their place fixed so they have somewhere to live, and let the kids play. But, the objective is, distraction takes time. Do one thing at a time.

4 – Delegate what you won’t do.

There was a time when besides offering detailed information about how to build a fence, I would have been out there building the fence, showing them how to do things, instead of just offering a consultation. I no longer will go build the fence, so I delegated that chore to my son-in-law and just offered recommendations, and detailed instructions. The actual doing of the job would probably take less time, but sharing knowledge means another generation has the knowledge to do a job that needs to be done. Two birds!

5 – Let go of the worry.

Make Money BloggingDon’t continue to worry about what you aren’t going to do. Once you let it go, leave it alone.

Learning how to manage your activities to make the most of your day doesn’t have to be a hard task, sometimes it’s just plain fun to organize and plan your day. The best ways to manage your day, meet your goals, and get things done so you can make a profit from blogging include fun blogging ideas and a wide variety of ways to share the excitement that is your life. And more… You’ll learn how to blog to grab an audience, bring in attention and buying readers, and satisfy your audience, plus serious tips for making some serious income from your blog.7 dollar business

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