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Think Good Thoughts Saith the Lord — 2 Comments

  1. Jan Verhoeff,
    I think that you are an awesome lady, I first got to know a little of you when you let Lamar Police Dept. know about your mother. I’m a widow nearing 75 now was a 911 dispatcher for almost 30 years & then worked in corrections till at 65 I had 2 strokes. I’ve been interested in writing a book but can’t seem to get started, so I read your thoughts & think I really need to get started, but do take care of my father who is going on 103 & my great grand children. Enough About me.

    • Thanks for commenting Corinnne.
      I do vaguely remember talking to you. Those were awesome days, and I struggle now, realizing that I didn’t spend as much time as I should have with Mom that year… But I did what I could do. It was a rugged year for all of us. Cancer stole her away shortly after our visit that summer, and it’s been a long five, almost six years…. But life is good. I have amazing grandchildren, and an amazing life. My mom would be proud of me.

      Now about you and that book. Let’s get started, give me a call. 303.968.6863

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