Think Good Thoughts Saith the Lord

“Whatsoever things are things are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and of good report… Think on these things”. Phil. 4:8

Our thoughts become our words!

Our words become what we project and who we are…

Over the past several months there have been several deaths, not family members, but friends and family members of friends, who affected me over the years in some way or other.Valentine's Couple Some of them even distantly known to me. But the reality of these losses struck me hard one morning when I realized I’d never really have a chance to get to know the wife of a man whom I admire. I’ve met her a few times, but I’ve gotten to know him through work, political connections, and listening to his radio show, until I felt as if I knew him. But his wife was a pretty face in a picture, who had a lovely personality the few times I saw her.

Death isn’t my favorite thing in the world. I get really angry that Satan uses death as a tool to control us, a threat to make us do what he wants, and worse, as a weapon to hurt us.

But if I concentrate on the pain, it never goes away, so I started thinking about the blessings that those people have been in my life, and what a wonderful life I have. I have so many My family is amazing. I get to live in this beautiful home overlooking the best Colorado sunrises, in view of Pike’s Peak which offers the most magnificent sunsets. I’m truly blessed… And all that before I even consider my business and the amazing clients that I now have. Blessings are pouring into my life and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for each one of them. But there’s so much more…

And all of it good.

So the question then becomes, what happens when I think good thoughts? It’s Biblical that you become what you think about most, and your thoughts eventually play out in your life and how you live it. So, what next?

Living out a life of gratitude becomes unbearably monotonous, when you never ask for anything more than what you already have.

Ask and you shall receive.

Seek and you will find.

Knock and the door will be opened unto you.

And then there’s the question of being content with what you have…

And then there’s me… Make Money BloggingStanding there gazing at the most magnificent sunrise, coffee in hand, cool breezes blowing across the deck at 5:40 in the morning, in just my nightgown with a lightweight robe over it, thinking about all that COULD be – just around the corner.

God’s promise of cattle on the hillside, mansions of gold, and riches untold come to mind as I contemplate the moment, the sunrise, and the coming day. I have work to do that I love. I love, LOVE, LOVE, what I do.

The phone rings and the moment drifts into daylight as I walk a client through posting her story on her blog. I share the secret things that she can do to bring in more traffic, increase the number of readers on her site, and build real income as she’s writing her story. I hear my son in the background reminding me not to ‘give so much away’ and I keep talking, I’m telling her what she can do to build her dream income online. Because I know she can’t afford to pay me what that information is worth right now… And I trust that I’ll get it back, eventually, when it’s my time, when I need it, God will provide.

Another ebook is coming from that call… A simple, easy to read, ready to download ebook, for a measly little $7, but I’ll sell it a bazillion (okay, maybe a thousand) times.

And that’s how it’s done. I share it, I write it. I sell it…. over and over again.97 program

What can you share that you can sell for $7?

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Think Good Thoughts Saith the Lord — 2 Comments

  1. Jan Verhoeff,
    I think that you are an awesome lady, I first got to know a little of you when you let Lamar Police Dept. know about your mother. I’m a widow nearing 75 now was a 911 dispatcher for almost 30 years & then worked in corrections till at 65 I had 2 strokes. I’ve been interested in writing a book but can’t seem to get started, so I read your thoughts & think I really need to get started, but do take care of my father who is going on 103 & my great grand children. Enough About me.

    • Thanks for commenting Corinnne.
      I do vaguely remember talking to you. Those were awesome days, and I struggle now, realizing that I didn’t spend as much time as I should have with Mom that year… But I did what I could do. It was a rugged year for all of us. Cancer stole her away shortly after our visit that summer, and it’s been a long five, almost six years…. But life is good. I have amazing grandchildren, and an amazing life. My mom would be proud of me.

      Now about you and that book. Let’s get started, give me a call. 303.968.6863

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