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How do you make money from your own blog?

Sometimes my clients ask questions that I answer over and over again.

Different clients. Same question.

unlock the secretSo, here’s the answer in writing, so I can send you to an article that will answer the question for you.

A tower article is an article that offers a lot of information in an organized format, usually bullet points with details under the bullet points, some kind of story, allowing the reader to understand better the project you’re sharing with them, and a resource box with access to more information if your reader finds what you’re saying valuable.

Teressa is a good friend from a church I consider to be my church. She’s in the choir and I worked the sound board, so around all the discussions of music and other various concepts, we became good friends. As it turned out, she and her husband have been renting a home for many years, wishing they had their own place, but still renting. They don’t have to continue renting, they have options, but in those options, I realized Teressa wasn’t gaining any ground toward retirement, and offered to help her figure that out.

A blog is an amazing way to work from home, bring value to the world, and still do what you like to do best.

online marketingThe solution for Teressa is a blog where she can share her heart desires, fill up cyberspace with content, and make some cash on the side – while she lives well and continues to bring value to the world around her. To get started:

  • she can invite readers to join her for a membership option where she offers substantial content each month – via audio, video, or an email course, shared once a week – to help her readers live up to their full potential using whatever skill set she chooses to offer as a solution on her weekly discussion.
  • she can sell multiple products to buyers who visit her website, using affiliate links and other options to bring her readers solutions, products, and services that will meet their needs.
  • she can sell products through her website, using key discussions to bring buyers and those who need her products to her site, and help them find what she offers.
  • she can bring in supporters of her website for a substantial ad price and promote their products in blog posts, and messages to her readers, along with banner and button ads to their business sites on her website.
  • she can sell information, ebooks, books, and other written documents where she offers helpful details for others who might want to have a business online, or even a store front business on mainstreet, their town, USA.
  • she can promote other businesses and help with content marketing online for a variety of business owners. Even selling blog posts to those who don’t have time to write their own blog posts, or who appreciate guest bloggers who participate on their blogs.
  • she can promote her own writing efforts through social media, various blog posts, and other marketing options available when working online.

All of these are used to drive traffic to a product funnel where your products and services are offered as passive income options to market your business online.

97 program

A product funnel includes a sales page, a delivery page, and a product. 

All other pages driving traffic, building core relationships with a buying market, and creating a buzz around your product are accessory pages to the product funnel.

While you make some serious cash selling a single product in your product funnel, the big dollars are made when you start upselling your funnel. For more information about upselling your product funnel, and building those relationships, please do visit
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