Trending Web Development Styles For Professional Websites

Randomly, someone new to the internet asks me about the current ‘trending’ web styles, and how long they’ll last. They generally hone in on one specific concept of design, and without noticing any other element of the layout or design style, they’re addicted. Wide screenshots for the header may be appealing on some layouts, or for some sights, but a contained neat style header might be more appropriate for other styles.

What’s popular and why?

The key to what is popular and why may come along with the design style of the owner of the site. Are they organized, detailed, and trendsetting style makers? Or are they professionals with a message?

When mommy bloggers ask for ‘toppers’ for their blogs, where they share their words, encouragement, and income producing metaphors designed to generate income, web presence and acknowledgement for their lives, they often want something with a personal touch, but not a whole page wide scope of flowers.

Pink Header

However, this front page banner heads up an intro canvas for a mom revealing her version of shabby chic decor, and provides a nice background for her niche style. Just as the one below offers a less expansive, more defined ‘header’ for a blog site.


The top banner of cabbage roses is the feature piece on a light, bright, pigeon-holed site separating a variety of services and opportunities, while Jillian’s Diary offers a foundation for a tight knit group of moms who prefer a cozier atmosphere. The dark green background featuring white pages, black print, and ‘pretty in pink’ accents provides that.

Professionalism Speaks.

News sites, and sites centered on financial well being, as well as retirement options for an older generation might be more open. Broad expanses of white backgrounds for resting the eye, and crisp black print to provide necessary information.


Or the same kind of news site offers up a squeaky clean, high-profile style with a broad, narrow stripe of color at the top of their screen, and nothing but print below.

Long Road

Women working online sometimes prefer to share through the voice of one, over coffee? If you’re the one who is chosen to share the message, how about a fresh face and a cup of strong coffee to reveal your modes and methods of getting the job done?


Trending Headers & Cover Graphics

These simple elements can set the tone for your whole site, attract and keep a visitor, or brand your business online. The broad opportunity for designing your specific statement and adding it to your website is as open as finding a photo and applying it to the course you prefer to take. Current web designs can be as simple as a blog where you share your daily thoughts, or as complex as designing a calculated list of marketing tools set up as pages, relevant to your purpose online.

Web Designers Add Consultation for Success

When you seek a designer, the temptation is to look for a designer with a big office and a lot of people working together in the office, for more professional stability. But one of the most successful designers on my team is a young woman who quit her day job eleven years ago when she had her first child. She now has four children, the youngest being nearly a year old. She’s available to update a site within 24 hours of a request, and has never missed a single deadline. Her skills are second to none. Why? Because she LOVES what she’s doing, and her goal for every site is the SUCCESS of her Customer.

  • No hourly paycheck, she gets paid for the job.
  • Her customers return year after year.
  • Her customers get personalized service, because she treats each one individually.
  • She listens for trend changes, and recognizes lasting shifts in marketing.
  • She knows what sells, how to present it, and what works best.
  • She gets to know each customer and serves that customer as an individual.
  • Her ability to keep up with the trends, keeps your website fresh and relevant.
  • She isn’t likely to be fired for not showing up, or because there isn’t enough work – she works ‘by the job’ – and her customers are annual renewals.
  • About 65% of her business is repeat customers because people like her work.
  • Her customers know her name.
  • She knows the degree behind her name has less value than the current trends and information that she keeps up with to serve her customers every day.

Integrity matters, and she’ll serve each and every client with integrity because that’s who she is. Her entrepreneurial spirit won’t allow her to fall into some common category, who doesn’t keep up with trends and current marketing modes.

Consultation Makes a Difference

Did you ever wonder why a professional designer or copywriter includes a time commitment for visiting and discussing your project once they’re committed to doing your project?

Not only are they asking you what they can do for you? Gathering up information? And pulling together the project so they can meet your expectations? But, they’re also offering up suggestions for improvements you can add to your website, to your business, and to your marketing efforts to improve your business online. These are VALUABLE actions you can take to increase profit margins, improve your business, and benefit your clients more.

They’re offering you value in the form of a consultation.

When you expect time from a professional to discuss a project you’re asking them to complete for you, without making any commitment to hire them FOR The project, you’re taking away their knowledge, often with the implication that you’re going to apply their information, knowledge, and recommendations to your project no matter who does it.

My time is valuable. Don’t expect it for free. 


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