Trump University Debate

Should he give them back their money, since everything they learned can be learned on Zillow?

Is Trump University a BOGUS SCAM?

Several years ago, Bill Clarke called and asked me if I’d attend some courses with him up north at a big fancy motel. And I asked what classes. He told me he’d purchased a Trump University package and he could take a guest.

I’m always up for learning something new, and he’d already purchased the package, so I said, “Sure.” And we went. For three days, we drove the distance, stayed from the 9 AM class until the 7 PM class and did dinner on the way home. Each day I took a notepad full of notes, added concept questions, ideas, and details to the pages, and walked away with enough information to write a few Real Estate Investment books of my own.

ChangeThe information provided in the three day course was readily available online, but it would have easily taken me more than three days to gather it up, strain through it, and put it in any sort of comprehensive order.

Did I write the book? Nah… Trump had already written it into the course, so I didn’t feel THAT book needed to be rewritten. But I did write several other marketing books based on that information. Could the information in those books be found online? Of course. Would it take longer to find the information, coordinate it, and put it into useful formats than it takes to read the book? Of course. Would it be cheaper to find the information yourself instead of buying my books? Of course… Unless you value your time.

I probably should warn you at this point that what comes next is as much my rant about stupid people not applying the lessons of life, as it is an explanation of info marketing practices. 

So, the question is… 

He took the time (or paid someone to take the time) to pull together the information, create a course that took three days to teach and learn, and formulate the course into something that would not only instruct buyers in the means and methods of purchasing and reselling real estate as an investor, but also methods of marketing the next phase of the information so those who were interested in learning more details about how this could be profitable, would be able to get even more information about the investment process. Now… Whether or not he deserves to be paid $25,000 for the ultimate real estate investment package is irrelevant, if people sat through the first course, and decided to pay for the second course, they evidently learned enough to know they wanted to spend more money to learn more.

ideas to profitThose of us who market information search for information that we can add to our packages, to make them viable to sell. We find the information online, or through taking courses, or by reading books, or by doing one of a million other different things that allow us to learn, formulate, and regurgitate the information into an ebook, an ecourse, a class, or a weekend seminar – which we sell. If the topic includes enough information, we may add a larger package, which we sell at the end of the first package.

There’s nothing bad about doing this. It isn’t illegal. Nor is it bad business, in fact, it’s GOOD Business to find information that is needed and conform it to a marketable book, for sale. It’s been done for centuries.

This is the basis for info marketing businesses the world over, and has been the basis for countless HOW-TO manuals.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. I personally think he’s got some serious personality deficiencies, and takes advantage of others. He probably didn’t pay the author of his Trump University nearly enough for the product he got, but then… he probably paid more than one person to write it, in much the same way that he paid more than one person to teach it. The thing is, unless he hired writers by the hour, they most likely asked for the price they believed their work was worth, or at least what they thought they could get out of it.

Be unstoppable.As a Ghost Writer, or a PLR Writer, I’ve written packages similar (though much smaller) for famous personalities for a set price knowing that they were going to market my material and receive thousands of dollars for the pennies they spent paying me to write the materials. That’s what Ghost Writers, and PLR Writers do. They write for a price.

After sitting through the same three day course, Bill Clarke was interested in purchasing the next course, which included a three day trip to Vegas where the next phase of the course would be taught. I wasn’t interested. I’d heard enough to know the next phase of the course would include bigger, more detailed information of what we’d already been taught (but I didn’t need those details to understand the process). And the next phase would include an opportunity to purchase the NEXT phase, which was slated to be taught on a Romantic Caribbean Island. I think Bill is a really nice guy, but the Island concept held no pull for me, nor did Vegas. And learning more details about the information I’d just learned wasn’t necessary.

I didn’t need it spelled out any better for me, the concepts were clear enough for me to do what I needed to do to be successful marketing and investing in real estate, or info marketing, or any of the other programs that include the same process.

The reality…

If you need it all spelled out in minute details, you should probably invest in the next course. If you understood it, and can accomplish the task without the next course… Pay for what you need, and move on to success without paying for more.

But for those morons who have demanded their money back, and the political dimwits who think Trump owes them their money back, get a grip… It’s business.

Unless you’re going to enforce this concept of returning the funds if the education doesn’t work and start making colleges return the money for education that didn’t get the groupies out of Mom and Dad’s basement, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree.

You get out of education what you put into it. If you’re not going to use it, apply it, and work your tail end off to accomplish the goal before you with the education you got, don’t waste your money. But don’t blame the teacher for you not doing the work required to use your education.

While I agree, based on his campaign for president, Trump is a bully and a real pill when it comes to communication. He lacks serious social skill and knowledge in the area of constitutional conservatism, and political prowess, but his knowledge of how to work a market is nothing short of genius. What he did wasn’t illegal. The lawsuits, if anyone wants my opinion, are more likely flags to demonize him, destroying his character as a candidate (Democrats tend to do that). After all, if they said he was a womanizer and unfaithful, everyone in the country would just laugh, because we all know that already. He’s working on wife number three and the minute she looks her age, he’ll dump her too.

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The thing is…

Trump’s agitators are bullying him through his business, because nobody cares how devious he is as a person. They’re looking for ways to dismantle his capability to do business as the CEO of America.

What they don’t realize is that they’ve pushed on the wrong buttons, because if HE loses this case, then every lazy dog off the street has a means of collecting entitlement because what they learned in school didn’t benefit them. You can’t MAKE the lazy dog work, if you’re feeding him. So, don’t push the courts to feed the dog. And don’t blame the teacher for the dog being lazy.



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  1. 100% agreed.

    I, too, have come across a number of individuals that can’t or won’t get off of the duff to do the work. I even asked one customer how my book was. They told me they hadn’t read it yet. You can’t help others that won’t do the work, much like those that buy gym membership and then never use it.

    As long as a business is not selling their product or service via fraud or force something to their customer, then it’s the customers that are the issue.

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