Twitter Marketing Rocks SEO

Somewhere around my office I have a book by Joel Comm chatting up the advantages of Joel Comm Twitter 2.0social media via twitter. Twitter Marketing 2.0 or some crazy thing… And it works. I’ve read it numerous times, scrawled notes all over the margins, dogeared the corners, and added post it notes, page markers, and note pages, increasing the value of the book by millions of dollars, and YEARS of experience.

So do I recommend it?

Of course, I do. I recommend ALL of Joel’s books.

And then I recommend you read my feed, because I add value to marketing options found in many professional marketing books. In my feed (here on this blog post and others) I often promote specific books, then mention topics and subjects relevant to what I’m sharing.

How do I know?

How do I know you’ll find value here? Well, mostly because that’s the plan. I offer value.

And Here it is:

7 Ways to Market Your Business on Twitter

  • twitter marketingHashtag your topics. This may be the most simplified marketing method on the internet, and it’s far underused by most anyone who has a product. If you think your readers might be searching for a keyword phrase, hashtag that phrase. #twittermarketing #marketyourbusiness #marketingconcepts #marketingideas #onlinemarketing These are hashtags I often use for marketing my business, and they help people online find me. Use the # mark, and your favorite keywords to help people find you.
  • Frequently interact with twitter. Don’t just post your own thoughts, comment, like, and repost the thoughts of others, with a comment or a link added to relate to the discussion. The more you interact with others, the more others will interact with you. Give more than you expect and you’ll receive abundantly in return. (Self-serving markets receive exactly what they deserve.)
  • Interactive linking drives traffic. When you link to content that drives traffic to your website, you’re marketing your online business, in exactly the same way as if you linked directly to your website – only with greater impact. Provide plenty of content to other sources, and ask for links to your site in context. Then drive traffic to content. Think in terms of VALUE for your customers. The more value you provide the better you’ll be known and recognized.
  • Networking makes a HUGE difference in business outcome. If you want success for yourself, you’ll help others to succeed. One of the greatest salesmen who ever sold an item, sold many more items for others. He said, “When you help enough other people to achieve their dreams, you will achieve your own.” His name is Zig Ziglar. Networking with others to benefit the greater good can only improve your business.
  • Brand your market for success and recognition. Every business has a brand. It can be the one you PLAN for your business, one of self-less, generous, abundance, or a dark and selfish secret. You choose. When you open your door, set up your website, or send out messages to prospective clients, you’re representing your own business, as well as others you choose to associate with. Connect with value driven business professionals and interact with a generous giving spirit, so you become known as the go-to-expert who offers solutions.
  • Offer outcome based solutions. The key to success in any industry is bringing greater solutions, better known solutions, and the best solutions to your prospective clients. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your solutions were so beneficial to the market you serve that your competition shared your content? Be that person. Be the Go-To-Expert in your niche.
  • Build quantifiable relationships with others. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you’re not building quality, driving knowledge, and helping others to achieve their goals in life, you will fail. Your business may be profitable, but in reality, if you don’t build those relationships where trust abounds, where you can find joy and satisfaction from your efforts, you have nothing in the end. And it will be reflected in your ultimate success.

When you use social media to market your business, you learn really fast the innate value of building and developing AND maintaining relationships and growing a network of people who interact with you on a daily basis. If you interact with more people, more people share your link and your business grows. If you slack off and don’t interact, your linkage suffers, your business loses ground, and you lose money.

twitter marketing

When you think of building your business in terms of only money and self, you don’t build a tribe and your business lacks purpose.

Find the purpose, the value, and the benefit to building your business and grow bigger value in your purpose. The more value driven you are, the more you give, the more your customers and clients receive and the more customers and clients you have. Grow the value. It’s a requirement for building your business.

Solutions are value.

Offer greater solutions and you increase your value. Increase the number of people you offer those solutions to and your business will grow. Profits will explode. And YOU my good friend will have a business that rocks your world and many others!

Twitter Marketing Rocks SEO

Here’s the dynamic component you MUST get right to make your business grow online and increase profit.

Message of Purpose X Links Shared X Network = Ultimate Profit

Don’t screw it up!


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