Victim vs. Conqueror

You get to choose.

Did  you know that? You don’t have to be the victim, and nobody will force you to be the conqueror. In fact, you don’t even have to be one or the other, but who wants to be just ‘the guy in the middle’ of anything?

If you’re raising your hand to be the guy in the middle, let me tell you about him.

AverageAverage G. Inthemiddle went to school with you, and probably sat behind you in math class, loaned you a pencil in history, and played football, but he wasn’t the starting quarterback, so nobody remembers his name. Average went to prom and danced every dance, but the girls he danced with don’t remember him, because he didn’t step on their toes, win the Rumba trophy, or spin and twirl them through the middle of the floor in a spotlight. He just danced.

Average has a good job and he’s a dependable worker. He sometimes moves to the next level, but he isn’t a top earner, doesn’t get the awards, and he’s never been fired for not doing his job. When he got laid off he didn’t sit around waiting for the next job, he went out and found it. He’s saved some money, and he’s got a nice house, a nice car, and he isn’t doing anything particularly amazing this weekend, but he’ll be back to work on Monday to listen to what you did over the weekend.

Average has a wife that he adores, and 2.3 children who are good students and don’t get into trouble. He doesn’t think about what would happen if, because he’s too busy just living today.

Even though, Average hasn’t really failed at anything, ever in his life, he hasn’t really excelled at anything either. He’s lived in the same town, and attended the same church since he got out of college, and he’s happy and content there.

He sounds like a great guy, right?

JavaHe’s nothing special, but he’s nice, and he leaves a good feeling when he passes through your life, but not much of an impression.

But every girl in school can’t marry the football star, and not every girl wants the Fonz. None of the girls want to get stuck with Vinny Victim, so they ‘settle for the guy in the middle’. But nobody wants to be that guy.

But, that guy – Average G. Inthemiddle is my favorite guy, because he’s the one that gets things done, keeps on keeping on (even when the world is a mess), and he shows up. He shows up when he’s supposed to show up, on time, and every time. He’s the good guy that does what needs doing, without asking for admiration and appreciation for doing it. He’s THAT guy.

So what is it about the Victim vs. the Conqueror that makes them the most noticeable guys? Who and what makes them noticed?

I’m really asking this question, because I want to know what others think…

What makes a person noticeable?

Leave a comment and tell me what makes a person memorable to you.

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