Weather or not?

Weather… It’s snowing outside. Sideways. The storm predicted for the front range has now hit, and there’s coffee brewing.

What’s a girl to do on a Saturday rife with snow, children chattering and playing, coffee brewing, and articles to write?

I have work to do. (More than I’d like to admit.)

But more than anything, I have a short story that I want to get written for a contest.

The list is long, and with a new project in the mix, it’s growing with each moment. PLUS, I have to rewrite a bit of introduction for a book due this week at the publisher. So, there, you have it. That’s the reason my butt will be in the chair today – writing.

Here’s the story…

* * *

Yesterday, I was visiting with a friend at the bank. We’d both stopped in to make deposits and haven’t seen each other in several years. Bumping into her was actually an answer to prayer. I really want to live in a community where I bump into friends occasionally, I’ve missed that part of my life. So, as we’re catching up (she sees me on Facebook frequently), she asked, “How do you do it all?”

This morning, as I was pulling priority items off the to-do list, I realized the answer isn’t in getting it all done. It’s in getting the most important things done, first.

Life happens, for all of us. Weather, children, spouse, illness, work, events, all affect our ability to ‘stay the course’ if we don’t have priorities, and I’ll admit, there are times when priorities change. 

Priorities change.

When change happens, I own it. I accept and acknowledge that I want to make the change, and I make it consciously. That’s a huge difference over the majority of my associates. And when I realized the HUGE difference that makes in my life, it really did hit me like a freight train.

For more than two years, life happened, life got in the way, and I struggled with getting it all done. I made the effort, every day. Some days in ways that would have made the best of us struggle, and as a result of those efforts (limitations and events I couldn’t control), my websites were hacked and it took several weeks for me to realize it. Once I realized they’d been hacked, I took steps to stop the damage, and remedy the problem. But… In the meanwhile, I lost a lot of content, and years of work, mostly on my own sites, which has cost me a lot of cash income.

When it happened, I shifted gears and by pushing hard on the marketing end of my business, I sold many of the sites that I’d had available, and rebuilt them for other people. Ultimately, I’ll come out of this down-shift in business with more RPM’s (yeah, I know) and the power to get where I want to go. Was it easy? No.

Did it work? Yeah.

And I’m feeling empowered as I achieve the half-way mark in this rebirth, regrowth, and restructure.

What steps did I take?

  1. Acknowledge that it happened. That was a biggie. I didn’t like it. I didn’t want it. And I didn’t have any way of changing what was coming, but I could acknowledge that it happened.
  2. Allow myself to grieve the losses. These were huge. HUGE.
  3. Acknowledge the gains and blessings. These were BIGGER.
  4. Make a decision to move on. This took some time. I didn’t have a clear direction, and I wasn’t sure where to go from the point of no-return.
  5. Accept help. Thank God for the many friends who stepped up and assisted in those days of struggle.
  6. Lean HARD. God, friends, family members all offered support and strength. I couldn’t have made it without any of them.
  7. Find solutions.

This day is etched in my memory. I had plugged in my computer and hooked up the internet and it wouldn’t work. I struggled through every phase I knew to fix it, called in a techy, and he said it was most likely the internet card. I didn’t have any extra money to get the computer fixed, so I backed away and prayed.

An hour later, I turned the tower around, looked over the back of it, replugged the internet cord, into the appropriate plug. Everything worked. Internet on. Solution found.

Lesson: Look for the solution. Find it. Fix.

Ultimately, life happens for everyone. Nobody is immune to the events that make up a life, and your goal or priority isn’t going to matter if you can’t adjust the actions you take to include whatever events are overwhelming you at the moment, adjust, find solutions and move on.

I get it. I own it. I can make a difference.

What about you? Do you own it? Do you make a difference?

I’m so grateful for those who helped me over the hump, and those who continue to support me in my new vantage point, as I make the changes necessary to achieve the goals set before me. Let me know how I can help you!

Leave a comment below and let’s do this! Weather or not.

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