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You have a business and it’s time to take your business, your products, and your services online. Now you need a website, sales pages, product buttons, and a whole lot of graphic elements to make your website productive. In fact, you probably need a web designer because all of this technology is overwhelming. Consider hiring our tech to do these things for you.

We offer a wide selection of options to get your website up and running fast!

WebdesignLet’s get started with a basic essential website, based on a WordPress Classic Template, with personalized color, layout, and design theme. The basic 3 page setup includes a clearly titled header, sidebar, and your front page content to get you started.

Your basic design package is just $349.00.

When you purchase the design package you automatically sign up for our special priced subscription to the hosting/maintenance package, for just $97.00 each month, including up to one hour of additional web services each month.

Blog List

The most significant thing you’ll do online to market your website and your business online is build a list of targeted readers, who will buy from you when you offer products and services on your website. This service is offered monthly, as long as your website is hosted with our services, for just $24.95 per month. We maintain your blog post publications and provide the auto responder for this service.

Marketing & SEO

Every website requires marketing and SEO to maintain viable attraction on the internet. The simple process of setting up your site, building a following, and presenting a well designed website is prelude to marketing. Without additional marketing, your site will not attract an audience that is targeted for buying your products. We offer a basic Social Media Marketing package, with recommended postings, blog post criteria, and optimizing steps you can take to improve your visibility online for just $27.97

Or you can obtain our Done For You Social Media Marketing program including 4 blog posts each month and up to 45 facebook, twitter, linkedin, and pinterest posts plus SEO for your website, and up to 5 backlinks added each month for just $697.97 per month.

Content Available 

Just don’t have time to write your blog posts this month, and you’d like to have one of our professionals put together a blog post or a selection of posts for your blog? These are available for just $97 each. Once completed, you own them and you’re welcome to edit them, add or subtract from them as you please.


Websites below are from our designer site, including a variety of price schedules, and design specifics. Let us know if you have a special preference and we will prepare a proposal to meet your needs.

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