What do you call success?

In the golden days of internet marketing, success was making a lot of money online, and then came the glory hole days, when you had to mine your niche to make a dime…

Jan VerhoeffWell, not everyone insisted on mining their niche. Some of us recognized the opportunity to fine tune our marketing options and make a huge difference in marketing, specifics, offering detailed options, and opening doors to filling the needs of our buyers. We’re frequently referred to as a solution marketing expert, because we find solutions.

So here is where you come in…

You’re looking for a way to make a few dollars online, maybe even seriously looking for a way to make money online doing what you do.

While there are some extraordinary ways to make money online, the reality is – if you don’t have a product, services, and content filled with real value then you don’t have a viable business for online marketing.Jan Verhoeff

  • If you have products and services, and just need to know how to market them. I can help.
  • If you have no products or services, but have a skill set or an idea, I can help you grow your ideas into a profitable online business.

Solution based marketing represents a whole new way to share value and benefits, with brand recognition that your clients desire enough to come looking for you.

You won’t have to search out your clients, they’ll find you.

So here’s the deal…

Jan VerhoeffSo many people are out there trying to figure out what they can sell to make money online, but who buys their stuff? Do they buy it just to make them money online?

Of course not. People who buy online are seeking VALUE. They want quality content. They want value. They want solutions, results, answers to their questions. They want something of VALUE in exchange for their money.

That’s where you come in…

As a business owner online, you’re going to provide them with quality, solutions, and VALUE.

But how will they find you?

That’s where I come in… 

Not only can I help your buyers find you, but I can show you how to market your products and services in ways that help new buyers find you – even when they don’t know YOU are who they are looking for. Because, let’s be real here… How many people know you do what you do?

Success is synonymous with solutions.

If you’re online looking for ways to market your business, and feel like you’re just not getting your fair share of the market, there’s a solution. I offer many options for marketing your business online, and a free 30 minute consultation to help you determine which option is best for your business. We make a difference in multi-media marketing and social media marketing because 75% or more of all buying decisions are made online, and we will be happy to help you get the most of your online marketing presence.

Brand recognition matters online.

Your logo is more than just the a simple marketing tool. The Brand you select to represent you can make a huge difference in how your buyers recognize your business. Do you impact them emotionally? Are you sharing facetime with the world-known brands? Do they recognize you whenever they see your logos online? Sometimes simplicity is best, and the key to simple marketing is understanding what you’re marketing….

Hint: It isn’t the product or service.

Be the recognized expert online.

Over and above any other specific thing you do online, you want to be the recognized expert at the top of your industry, because as the top recognized expert, you have the attention of everyone seeking a product or service within your industry. That’s the key component to becoming the number one person in your industry, and the secret solution to being the one everyone looks to for answers. You have to prove yourself to BE the EXPERT in your niche.

I can show you how to BE that number one – center of the stage – expert in your field, and help you achieve that marketing status.

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