What changed?

You might have missed it…

That moment in time when inspiration hit the wall, and confidence went out the window, but I was there… struggling to get the words out, begging my exhaustion to disappear for a few moments while I finished the job at hand, and pursued completion of a project intended to help others. I was there. Struggling.

Spiritual WarfareAs I fought the battle, I began to realize that if I completed the project, there would be many who benefitted from my words of wisdom, empowered by the information, and helped to achieve their goals by the realization of their own ability to accomplish great tasks. The battle wasn’t mine.

Once I stopped fighting and went back to work the words flowed through my fingertips and the project began to take shape. Not only did the format of the project appear like magic on my pages, but page after page of content bloomed before me, like flowers in springtime, fresh with color, definition, and yeah… power. Those were powerful words. They were mine.

God’s power shines through me.

The struggle of writer’s block had been lifted, once I put the struggle in the hands of God and went back to work.

The next phase of the project was enlightening. I had a conference call to make and people would be asking me questions. The call went good, for about five minutes, and then someone asked:

How did you know that the project you were working on was meant to be? I mean… I work on stuff all the time that I believe I’m supposed to do, but then it falls flat, and I fail. Badly sometimes, before I realize that I wasn’t supposed to be writing that ‘book’. How do you know?

Before I answer his question, I must give you this bit of information… I generally know when an idea comes up that it’s either – the bomb – or a bomb in the hand turning tragic, because of how it comes to me. Ideas that slam through the maze like an army tank and roll me over, with an urgency to get it done yesterday generally are not something I’m supposed to do. But if they arrive, sporting a plan, with a timetable that allows me to breathe and still get the job done, I can generally recognize the purpose and the plan as ‘meant to be’ long before I run into the challenge of ‘getting it done’ brings me to the brink of despair with a battle I’m not meant to fight.

But back to his question…

  1. The purpose of the project benefits others and is viable within my constraints, or the ability to do the project appears with or soon after the project. These are important elements, God won’t give you a project without the tools to do the project.
  2. The project comes out of a relevant purpose as a need, and supplies, equipment, knowledge, and funds appear with the project and the need. (Perhaps not at the same time, but earmarked specifically.)
  3. Threes and sevens surround the project. I don’t understand it, but a project that has God’s name on it… So to speak, always comes with three or seven supporting elements indicating that it was and is blessed by God.
  4. A bonafide miracle is included.
  5. Elements of the project arrive within the scope of an answered prayer, along with confirmation that the project is a go, through a variety of means.

I know, there are some who say, I can’t know. They’re wrong. God’s clues and specific, detailed, and well connected. There’s no doubt, when God sets the project out.

A project I’ve been working on a lot recently had been giving me huge issues, until yesterday. In less than an hour, I was able to outline, schedule, and strategize a program that I wanted to pull together. I’d been working on it for several weeks, and when I finally put it aside until I could find resources, my answer came steadily, along with the resources and strategies to accomplish the task.

This morning, final confirmation arrived, along with a partner offering to work with me on the project – even though they didn’t know I was working on the project at all. Once I’m at liberty to release names and details, I’ll post them, but for now… I’m just happy inspiration, project organization, confirmation, and now the partner are REAL.

God is good!

Colorado Miracle

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