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What do you do when someone infringes on your copyright? — 2 Comments

  1. I haven’t ran into this type of behavior before. I did however, submit a novel for consideration once, it was turned down because the publisher changed his/her mind about the contest it was in. However, I did see a couple of weeks later that they had used my main character’s name in another public way. It was too much of a coincidence to not notice and for awhile it did hurt but I choose to give it up. The name was unusual and not a popular name today. It did fit what they were doing so I tried to take it as a “complement”!

    • I remember you telling me that, Paulette. Sometimes I think it’s coincidence, but other times… I’m pretty much convinced it’s intentional at least on the part of some parties. I had an editor who was partially ghosting a book use MY content from several blog posts on the same topic and when the author found it, he made it right. But they had used my name as a reference on some of the content, but not in a way that gave me credit for any of the writing.

      Ghost writers in some areas are notorious for using other people’s content, but that shouldn’t be acceptable. Although, I suspected it was why the character name was used in your situation.

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