What does the President Do?

The question was asked, and I figured there might need to be a response… Something of value that would actually benefit a nation such as ours. Here’s the answer to What does the President Do?

It all breaks down to three specific things:

  • Represent the people who elected him President.
  • Uphold and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.
  • Maintain and support those who protect our country – and protect them.

And then there are more specific things that he can do such as these ideas listed below:

1 – He lifts up and protects the people of this nation. If he is duly responsible for protecting the people of this nation, I believe his first duty is to lift them up daily in prayer as he greets the day and asks God to guide and direct his path.

2 – He attends daily briefings to know what is going on in the nation, and around the world. He should have a good sense of who is doing what, and what he should be paying particular attention to on the world front. I believe he should have an amazing cabinet willing to offer him the best information they can obtain about such things, and advise him in the options available to maintain national security.

3 – He should offer up fairly frequent updates on the state of the nation, and give press briefings to update the people. His updates should be encouraging and uplifting, but real, honest, and truthful. He should never lie to the people of the United States of America. But more importantly, he needs to be responsible with national secrets, those that are not yet ready to be made press worthy.

4 – He should stand for the flag, the National Anthem, and support our veterans, because they served this nation.

5 – He should serve our nations aging, and protect our children, as any father would.

6 – He should insist on a balanced budget, paid off debt, and set boundaries to prevent intruders, and criminals from endangering our homes, our homeland, and our security here.

7 – He should be a leader, a representative of the people, and a pillar of strength upon which our nations tri-une government can depend to uphold the constitution, and protect it against all foes.

I’m sure there are more duties of the president, but these are the ones I came up with on a ‘quick thought’ because I want relevant suggestions available for those who seek to know what the president should do.

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