What’s stopping YOU from the Success YOU deserve?

“Jan, you sound angry with that client. Everything okay?” My son-in-law had joined me in the kitchen as I poured a cup of coffee. “That can’t be good for business.”

And I heard him…

What's stopping you?I thought about it for a few moments, and then asked, “Did I really sound angry?”

I was laughing at the end of the call… Jokingly, I’d told her (my client) that I have a club (to beat the dead horse we keep talking about). And I was laughing. I really wasn’t angry.

Then I realized that when I’m ‘stern, in Mom mode’ my kids used to think I was angry too.

And then I did it…

I sent her a quick message and apologized for sounding angry. I’m not. It’s been a good morning. I want her to make money. And sometimes, to get her attention – because she chases bright and shiny objects – I take on the mom tone… And then I regret it. Because I’m not her mom. I just want her to make money doing what she loves to do.

We talked about my feeling frustrated because she asks me for coaching, then doesn’t do the steps… She gets side tracked by bright and shiny things. And then we’re back to square one… She needs advice again… Only she doesn’t. She knows what to do, she’s asking me to keep her accountable.

Coaching the coach…

And here’s the lesson I learned today. I discovered that the biggest reason why people don’t build their business online is because they don’t have a firm direction. They don’t know what their business online is going to be. So they wander… They wander through the internet, day after day, looking for the bright and shiny THING that will make them money online.

They get the training they need, but they never really focus and follow directions, to do what has to be done. So they work, continually, hard… but they never finish. They never actually MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

It isn’t their fault. woman coach

Really, it isn’t your fault either.

Until you figure out this one piece of the puzzle and put it together, nothing will work. It just doesn’t work.

You’ll work and work, spinning your wheels, chasing bright shiny objects, but nothing will happen. You won’t make any money online. Because you don’t know what to do.

So, if you want to build a business online, making cash money in the bank, whatever size business you want to build… You have to do this first.

Answer these questions – on paper:

  1. Exactly what are you giving people in exchange for payment?
  2. Why should they purchase this product or service?
  3. What results will they get, after they purchase this product or service?

Now that you know WHAT they are buying:

  1. Who will purchase this product or service from you?
  2. Why should they purchase this from YOU?
  3. What results will they get, after they purchase this from you?

And now the big directions:

  • Write down what you want to make over the next 3 months. Total $ amount.
  • Write down 3 items you have to sell.
  • Count up how many you have to sell to equal the amount above.
  • Do this with each item, for a total of 3 times your total amount (because you really won’t sell that full amount of all three items, so your goal has to be greater than the number you need to sell of one item).
  • Now write down a specific dynamic of the type of people you need to market your three items to.
  • Make out a list of people you know in that dynamic that you can contact tomorrow. Start with at least ten people for each product or service.
  • Make those calls.

There are some who would tell me not to give away so much information. And it really is a HUGE amount of free consulting that I just handed out, step-by-step, that you can use and apply to your business, no matter what you do.

About being angry, or frustrated, or challenged to get the message across. I really do feel bad that anyone thought I was angry earlier today. In fact, I still am struggling with the tone of my voice and the frustration, because I was trying to push a client very hard. I wasn’t feeling angry, but evidently my passion for her success wasn’t coming across as passion, but rather as anger.

I’ll be working on that…

Meanwhile, get the lead out and use these steps. I want to see YOU succeed.

What's holding your back?



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