What’s your focus?

Your story can make an impact. You can make a difference in other people’s lives, by sharing your story. So, why don’t you?

Why don’t you write a book?

write your story

Write your story.

Yesterday, I spoke with a client who had been through the wringer professionally, and personally, and yet, she wins. She’s a winner. She’s successful and she’s moving up in the world, because she won’t give up.

Her story is worthy of publication.

girl walkingWould it take her long to write it? Not really. I find it interesting most of the time, that those who write books can write a quality book in about six weeks – or a weekend – if they really put their mind to getting the words on paper. What about you? Can you give up a weekend to make a difference in the lives of others?

When Jennifer first told me her story, she thought she wanted to write a chronological version of what she’d been through, but that proved to be horribly painful to write, and after three or four tough struggles to get started, I said, “What’s your message?”

We talked for a little while and then she started writing, before we met for the next phone call to discuss her book, she’d written most of her message and our call was spent honing in the message, to make it benefit others. Her story was a sketch of the reality she’d endured, and focused on the power within her that had helped her to overcome the destruction of a past where she felt totally abandoned. Jennifer’s message was clear, “You’ve got a tribe of people who love you, who will help you, if you ask them.”

Jennifer organizes and speaks at events for women who have overcome abusive marriages, and currently heads up a local organization to help women escape from sex trafficking situations, and talks with young people helping to prevent young girls from being drawn into sex trafficking before it happens. Her books are selling, and people call her to schedule speaking engagements regularly.

Buy me a coffeeAndrea pursued the chronological process, taking months to write her book. Her book doesn’t have a focused message, and the story is hidden in layers of lackluster writing that won’t hold the reader’s attention. Even though she had access to instruction, she choose to do her own methods without a specific focus, or message, and she’s still trying to build a platform where she can sell her books. Andrea is working on the second book, because her story is a continuing saga, and since she has no platform, no speaking engagements, and no other income, she’s struggling to work full time to support her writing habit.

Mark had a business he wanted to promote and an idea for his book, but he wasn’t sure how to pull in his audience. I suggested he find out what kept his audience awake at night and write about that…

When he showed up on week #2 with the topic, “Man up and Pick up the tab” I laughed with him at the simplicity of his title and the generic vision of his goal. It worked. Within a week he had a preliminary segment of chapters beaten out on the computer and we were pulling together the template of his book on our very next call. He was moving fast, and his book was already out the door, landing on people’s desks in info-pages, and graphics, because his message was so prolific it didn’t need words – it needed direction.

With an audience already following his twitter page, his facebook, his linkedin account, and now spreading his info-graphics on pinterest, he’ll have book buyers and speaking engagements to enlarge his audience in no time.

So, where do you want to take your story? Do you have a focus, an idea of what you want to accomplish?

We can put those ideas into action quickly, succinctly, and with a written document that your readers can use right from the beginning. And how about public speaking? If that is in your business model, having a book ready to go with your speaking topic on the cover makes getting onto the platform that much easier.


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