When the Picture Changes

Zig Ziglar changed my life.

True story… He did. Way back when…

I was about 7 years old the first time I heard about his red head. She was sitting in the audience with a little boy about my age, and my mother was wearing the same exact white blouse that she was wearing. I remember this clearly, because my mother must have had a dozen of those blouses in her closet (she wore them with black pencil skirts) and I always thought she looked pristine.

When Zig Ziglar introduced the red head, I remember thinking she looked pristine too.

And then, I had another thought.. I wanted to wear a black pencil skirt.

I’m going to tell you right now that I’ve never in my entire life, from that day until this one, half a century later, owned a pencil skirt of any color. EVER.

That skirt would not fit on this body. EVEN in the size 8 that my mother wore back then… Even back then, I wasn’t wearing pencil skirts.

I was a well rounded version of my mother, and pencil skirts just weren’t in my picture.

Thirty years later, when I saw Zig Ziglar for the last time, I was wearing a yellow pleated skirt that smoothly fell in fluid pleats from the waist band to flow over the massive proportions of my well rounded bottom, and swish rhythmically around my legs. Had the cartoonist drawn my derriere on that day, I’m quite certain there would have been a convex line across my backside to indicate the rather well endowed curve he needed to imply there. Pencil skirts were not in my picture.

Skinny Jeans

Neither were skinny jeans…

And then, this morning… I read through a list of facebook posts and several of them included pictures of ‘last year’ and pictures of ‘this year’ and I realized… One of the girls said she’s wearing a lot of skinny jeans this year – and she hadn’t been wearing them, a year ago. It has to start somewhere. Why not now?

I want to wear skinny jeans.

If I change the picture TODAY…

If I change the picture today, and every day from now until next year on June 6, I continue looking at that picture and seeing skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and a healthy slim body in place of the one that I might see if I took a picture today… Perhaps, I’ll see a different picture. Perhaps, I can SEE that picture now.

Because like Zig Ziglar says, “When the picture changes, everything changes.”

Tom says it a bit differently, “One of the realities of life is that when you see a successful person what you are really seeing is a person standing on a big pile of circumstances rather than being buried by them.” 

Today, right now… I’m changing my view of myself.

When the picture changes…

Who’s with me?

I have a plan and it looks like this:

picture changes1 – For the next year, I’m going to say YES to myself. Yes, to exercise. Yes, to better food choices. Yes, to more interaction with other people. Yes, to family and friends. Yes, to living well. YES, to ME.

2 – I’m going to start today I’m going to change my first bad habit of the morning – every morning – and start my day with feeling good about the woman I am. No more negatives. It’s all good. It’s all positive. It’s all about improving myself, every day, in every way.

picture changes3 – I’m going to stop demanding so much of myself that I can’t achieve it, and start loving who I am, right now.

I love me… How about you? Do you like who you are right now?

Please, leave a comment below telling me one amazing thing about yourself that you absolutely LOVE right now.

Encourage me…


When the Picture Changes — 2 Comments

  1. I just finished the last edit of my second book, “Healed of Cancer: Journey to a Miracle.” It will be releasied soon. I’m tired so it will be awhile before I start a new book! My first was a sweet illustrated children’s book entitled “True Adventures
    of Muffin the Yorkie.”

    I haven’t forgotten you asked me to write something for your blog but this last
    book took a lot of time and effort! Maybe later?

  2. Opps – I did this backwards. I enjoy your writing because it is both honest and entertaining.

    Most women can’t wear straight or tight pleated skirts. I could have when
    I was 11 but I didn’t want to then!

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