Where’s the bacon?

I’m spoiled. Totally, completely, spoiled.

And I’ll tell you why.

compelling contentI have a son-in-law who is a cook in the military, and he loves to cook at home. So, we have amazing menus at home, almost every day.

One of his favorite meals is grilled hamburgers, with bacon, avocado, and all the trimmings, on a glorious onion bun. So, randomly, someone else makes dinner and we’ll do similar menu, but maybe skipping a step, or missing a part of the meal that Kevin has so well orchestrated on his nights to cook.

It never fails, halfway through dinner, someone says, “Where’s the avocado?” or “Where’s the bacon?”

The revelation that we missed a step is obvious, and the concept is relatively easy to fix at the next meal, or we just change up the menu and have a different ingredient, or less of an ingredient, or just… Oooops, we didn’t have bacon this time.

But if you’re marketing your product or service online and you miss a step, you may really be missing something important. With content marketing, there are some really important steps… online marketing

  1. Write a stellar blog post with quality content.
  2. Include a premier opening or thesis statement.
  3. Use bullet points to bring out some specific details.
  4. Add in a compelling call to action.
  5. Motivate your reader to take action with your resource statement, or box.
  6. Capture your audience with a traffic generating title.
  7. Provide a stellar landing page that gets the results you want from your reader.

If any of these seven steps is missing, your article isn’t going to get the results you want. In fact, you may not benefit at all from the content you created. Your reader may not notice that anything is missing, but I can assure you, you will eventually realize that you left out something important, because your article just won’t benefit anyone the way you planned.

I’ve left off the resource box occasionally. I’ve written content that had no real call to action. And I’ve written some lack-luster content that didn’t really do anything at all for anyone, including me. It really is okay, occasionally, to write content that lacks the expected value of your readers, as long as it isn’t too often.

But you never ever want to present content that has no value at all for your reader. If you do that very often, your readers will start missing the most important part of your content and start seeking other writers. In fact, they’ll look for other resources to provide what you didn’t. And the web is full of people willing to fill that need.

Don’t leave your readers wondering “Where’s the Bacon?” very often. They need meat, they need flavor, and bacon is both – meat and flavor.

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