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Those moments when you know who is on your list, and what they really want, will save you time. When you know who is on your list and what they want or need for their business, you can write specifically for them, and consequently, you’ll always hit your mark. 

Yesterday, I realized there’s one guy on my list who has never actually purchased anything from me, and I got a little curious. I pulled up his facebook page, his twitter feed, and his linkedin. Looked for his website. And I reviewed what I could find about him. He really isn’t very active on social media, and seems like he doesn’t even have any accounts that might be making him money if he had them… And his website needs a review.

If you recognize yourself here… Good. At least you’re READING my messages. 

Yeah, I am writing this for you – because you need what I offer – but more. I’m writing it for the people who have purchased what I offer, because they already understand and know the value they get for a buck when they purchase a product or service from me. The key to marketing products is to respond to your readers with more of what they need.

You see… I take seriously, your comments asking me for help, for solutions, and for ideas how you can market your own businesses, because marketing is what I do. If I’m not listening to you, most of all, I’m not going to be offering the right solutions.

What he said…

coffee talksWhen he called to ask a question, I offered him a quick link to the answer. You see, the answer to his question had been explained in vivid detail in a recent blog post, and I was off on an errand when my phone rang. So the quick and easy answer was to send him to the blog post… I asked. He hadn’t read it.

So, before I got off topic and went into road-rage over my own driving errors due to being on the phone, I referred him to the blog post, and suggested he read it between then and when I could call him back. Especially relevant at this point was the fact that I was driving, so he would have plenty of time to read the article, before I called him back.

When I called back at the allotted time for our ‘coffee chat’, and he said, “I haven’t read that, I figured you could just explain it to me over the phone.” He told me flat out that he didn’t consider my time important, but rather that HIS time was more important, and I could just spend the time reiterating the article via phone. It isn’t about me, in this case, it was about HIM. He wanted the information, but not badly enough to read through the article.

Time is Money

“Well, hey… I’ve only got fifteen minutes here, so I’ll hit the high points, and if you have any questions, we can schedule a consult for Tuesday.” I responded, knowing full well that if he didn’t bother to read the solution, he isn’t going to get it in fifteen minutes… But hey, time is money. I have a business to run and if he really wanted the ‘FREE SOLUTION’ he would have taken time to READ the article, so he could have asked questions. Right?


These articles I post on my blog are FILLED to overflowing with FREE solutions. They have the answers to the questions you’ve been asking, because I do listen. And I respond. In writing. Breaking it all down in Step-by-Step Formulas that allow you to follow along the written solution, without having to take all kinds of copious notes, and figure it out from notes.

I offer up answers to your questions in writing.

When you ask me about spotlighting your identity… I give vivid details in the article about why your website should make YOU shine. Not only WHY, but HOW. I tell you how to shine on your site, and not look like ‘every other website about product XYZ’ because if you just look like every other site, you’re not going to stand out. If you don’t stand out… You suck. Simple as that. If you’re not standing above the crowd, you’re standing in a puddle of waste-land.

That’s why I’m saying – the FREE solutions, are on your website. They’re blog posts that reveal the BIG DETAILS to your readers. Just like mine.

Coffee Consultation

That’s why it’s important to follow instructions and read the content in key areas of interest, before we do a consultation. You’ll get more information, and the consultation time will be shorter.

Hey, you’re paying me for a consultation. Don’t you want to get the most possible information from that time?

Read the content and let me answer your questions. Yeah, I’ll be taking notes and writing more content for the next time someone asks those questions. That’s how this works!

Who’s on your list?

Look through the names on your list and see who actually contacts you. Do they leave messages on your blog posts? Maybe they email you from time to time? Do they blog references to you? Do they link to your blog posts? Do they share your blog posts on social media? Anywhere? Do they click through to read what you write? Are they the ones who ask you questions via Private Message? Do you know at least 95% of the people on your list, via some method beyond your list?

A good friend, Ken McArthur, asked a pertinent question a couple days back on Facebook.

“Who did you meet for the first time at one of my events?”

Social Marketing – Business Events happen about three times a year in my area, and most of them include a specific group of people. These dynamic leaders come together to share their message. Once they share the message, get it out, and push forward with building tribe, connection, and causation, their businesses grow.

Key factor: They don’t all share the SAME message, but they have a similar purpose. 

Does your list know your message? Do you share it?

The compound question most business owners must ask, has to do with their message, and their solutions. Are you sharing your message and is it big enough to cover your solution-based offerings, either on your website, in your social media, or in your events? Does your business prove out your message?

Do you make a difference in your niche?

The elemental foundation of your success won’t be anything you sell, actively market, or present for profit. The elemental foundation of your success will be your message.

what is your message?

Is your message being presented well? Do you have a message? Are you prepared to answer to the readers of your blog posts, and be accountable for the message you represent there?

About three months ago, a good friend and client ended a relationship and walked away, because in their words “I’m just not getting what I want from you.”

Over the past several months we’d spent time rebuilding a website, growing a platform, and rejuvenating the message represented on their professional site. After each discussion, I’d focused on the message, the platform, and the purpose – a quick review after the relationship ended consequently, resulted in three specific realizations.

The Three Specific Realizations

sales vacuum1 –  The message was missing.

2 – There was no visible platform or recognition for the individual who represented the business.

3 – Purpose of the site was recognizably ‘selling product’ and there was no personal integrity, accountability, or value in the ‘salesy content’.

The awkward reality is that sales can exist in a vacuum, but buyers in the vacuum don’t care who they buy from, so there is no loyalty to the marketer.  Anyone can sell to the buyer who is seeking product only, ONCE. Next time they buy, they probably won’t be back to you – hence, they’ll buy from whoever is closest and has the best deal. That may be good for the buyer – they get what they seek at the cheapest price they can find. But they may not actually get what they want, and there’s no customer service to help them out.

Share your message. Build your base through the message of your platform, based on your purpose, and grow your business based on relevant loyalty and especially personal satisfaction.

Let’s do this!

Need help? I’m available for coffee.

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