Jan VerhoeffJan Verhoeff offers expertise in online marketing, writing, copywriting and brand recognition. She presents logical, sound marketing knowledge that will drive your business profits from an online presence. Her motto for success is, “Generating profit and global recognition for local businesses.”

What you get when you work with Jan Verhoeff:Global Marketing over Coffee

Brand Recognition for your business online. Jan goes beyond teaching to help you achieve recognition for your brand online, attracting business and a global market to your web site, your product and your services.

Expert Marketing knowledge to lead your business to profits. Jan takes the initiative to drive your market niche to profits using more than three decades of experience in marketing.

Copywriting experience to build your presence online. Jan understands how the search engines work to drive traffic to small business sites, creating a funnel of profits into your business on the web.

Keynote speakers for your events. Jan knows the importance of creating and hosting powerful marketing events for small businesses. She has developed a list of connections with recognized keynote speakers who specialize in business development, internet commerce and global economics.

— Whether your event is in a local coffee shop or college lecture hall, or a massive conference center, Jan has the perfect keynote speaker in mind. Contact jan@janverhoeff.com for details.

Office TrainingInter-office training for social marketing development of your business is available at selected points around the nation. Jan Verhoeff creates events, sets up speakers and organizes marketing for group training events, specializing in Social Marketing Management for small business owners. Your social marketing budget does not have to eat up your profits.

Learn how you can increase new business development, e-commerce training and marketing, as well as increase social media impact for your business online. Strategic marketing methods taught by Jan Verhoeff will impact your profit margin and increase brand recognition for your business online.

For an effective business evaluation and strategy session – contact Jan@JanVerhoeff.com

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Jan Verhoeff, EzineArticles Platinum Author