Women Make 85% of Purchasing Decisions

A speaker today underscored that women make 85%
of purchase decisions in the US….and 90% in travel!

And to that – anyone believes there’s a glass ceiling, or more impact-fully, women wanted a DIFFERENT president?

If Women wanted a woman for president, there would ALREADY be a woman in the white house. And I’m just not convinced there’s anything women can’t do if they really want to do it…

Point is… If we want Women in positions of power, then we have to put better examples of WOMEN in positions of qualification and stop lifting the scum to the top. Women know and recognize quality when they see it.

Now, let’s get to that next point, the one of rising up women who qualify for the job…

When I posted my thoughts in response to this message (the green one up top) on Facebook earlier today, I fully expected to get lam-blasted by the women who march on Washington wearing Pink Pussy Hats. Those disgusting and despicable few who believe they’re privileged and shouldn’t have to show up for work when there’s a women’s march going on, no matter what the situation. There isn’t a single one of them who understands, much less has experienced, any kind of oppression, and yet there they were, kindred spirits without a cause showing their pink parts on national television while the rest of the world shook their heads in shame.

Women buyers

Real women make amazing great choices!

When you really get to the point of women who make decisions, run businesses, work at the top level jobs, and achieve greatness in this world, you’ll realize that the women who achieve these things aren’t out there marching in pink pussy hats, but they most assuredly are striving to make a difference. And achieving their goals.

The women who stand as pillars in their community are too busy being professionals, accomplishing greatness to waste their precious time on marches that accomplish nothing, and litter our communities.

Real Women make 85% of Buyer Decisions

Working WomenMaking buyer decisions is more than just choosing the products to purchase for our homes. Women make buyer decisions in business, for businesses, for businesses, for retail, in retail, in small business, in big business, and in our homes.

One of the men in my life commented on this reality, during a discussion, this past week. He said (paraphrased because I didn’t write it down while I was talking to him), “I know my wife makes that many or more of the decisions in our home. I trust her to make the buyer decisions, because as a stay at home mom, she not only knows what is needed, but she has an up front visual of what we really need in our home. And for our business, she does a majority of the research for what we actually purchase. I just don’t have time to second guess her decisions. I count on her!”

That isn’t my husband, but that man is my son. I know I raised him right, when I know he picked a wife he can count on to make those decisions.

The reality is, men who do what men are supposed to be doing… Supporting their family, providing well, and picking up the slack when they get home, raising babies, and keeping vehicles running and working, taking care of what needs to be taken care of, aren’t going to take time to make those ‘buyer decisions’ when they can trust their wives to do those things. The blessing isn’t the separation of duties, but rather the ability to trust your partner with their share of the load. We’ve all been sucked into this deceitful lie about women being liberated out of their homes into working world, and nothing could be further from the truth. Women aren’t deprived, when they’re trusted both at home, and in business to make the buyer decisions. Those are top level positions.

Women make 90% of choices in travel.

Do we go or not? Risk Takers

When big business asks the question, do we go or not, more often than not… They’ll be asking a woman. Women have been the low-risk option for years in business, and in travel, because they think with their minds open to end results. Women in general are solution finders, and they think in terms of results. We want the best results, so we find solutions.

Women in general, have super powers that range from incredible buying skills, powerful negotiating skills, and masterful mind boggling strategies for creating success in nearly any project they undertake. The reasons are obvious… And most men recognize them right away, shortly after they start dating them, and almost always shortly after marriage. Women are “completers” in every area of life.

When men want something done, they ask a woman.

Honey, can you do this, I need it when I get home from work tonight? Or Honey can you bring me … because I’m stuck at work and I really need it as soon as possible.

The one HUGE super power that almost every woman has, over and above all the other things she might have at her disposal, is that almost all women are flexible. They’ll find ways to get something done, even if they have a kazillion other things on their schedule, they’ll add one more.

We’re just that skilled.

The Best of the BEST – BECAUSE…

Women rise up and become the best of the best, when they’re treated well by men who love and respect them, in the same ways that men rise up and become pillars. We are designed for success together, not as one above the other, but as one beside the other.

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Women Make 85% of Purchasing Decisions — 2 Comments

  1. “We are designed for success together, not as one above the other, but as one beside the other.”

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! Just like the body has the liver, kidney, eye, and ears, what body part can you NOT live with? Not one, you need ALL of them to work well. That’s what the church NEEDS to be toward each other, with LOVE as the motivation.


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