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You’re excited about blogging and thrilled to be writing valuable content, but how do you write viral blog posts? Randomly, I have a few favorite bloggers that I check in on, and find out they’re writing some pretty awesome blog posts, something that really should be grabbing more attention than it’s getting. Usually, I share a link or add a comment, sometimes I simply review the post on my own blog (because links to a blog post make good sense and drive additional traffic), and other times, I do what’s known as Blow it  up! I build a serious buzz around their blog post, because it deserves to ‘go viral’ and has the potential to teach people a lot of good stuff.

This week, I’ve seen a few of those blog posts, but haven’t had the extra time to just throw randomly at someone else’s blog. Besides having my own projects, I have several new business clients who are attempting to build their online business, and they deserve some serious time and effort first.

This morning, after a quick consultation with one of my new business clients, I realized… If I write a blog post about how to write viral blog posts, I can share that – and others will pick up the heat. Well, they should!

How do you write viral blog posts?

Creative mess

Viral Blog Posts – The ones that lock up the traffic grid and create a traffic jam on the internet usually have emotional impact on the reader. That’s a rather obvious key point, create emotional impact and blow it up. Explode the ratio of logic to emotion, and over-flow into traffic for your website, your blog, your social media… When you EXPLODE the traffic with a creative mess that grabs attention, you get what you want – a Viral Blog Post.

But What’s it About?

Your blog post can be about anything, everything, or nothing at all… Seriously, there are some really incredibly popular websites that are about nothing of any real value… And others that have incredible value, but they’re not popular at all. Of course, I recommend you offer solutions of some kind, for your specific niche market, but the reality of non-specific blog posts going viral implies that it doesn’t really matter. How large your blog post goes has way more to do with YOU and your visible market than it does about the content.

But valuable content will get shared more readily than “nothingness”.

And then there’s that little thing about monetizing your blog… If you write about nothingness, what will you sell? One of my favorite bloggers sells books, decorator items, and graphically designed gift items she creates on various product design sites. And she’s making some good cash from her marketing efforts. That’s just one blogger.

No Such Thing as Viral Topics!

There. I said it. There’s really no such thing as Viral Topics. No single topic is really a viral interest to the general public, so you can’t just write on that ‘one topic’. Even writing a “Viral Blog Post” won’t make your post Go Viral.

When I’m asked how to write viral blog posts, I often recommend writing a list.

Lists7 Ways to Write a Viral Blog Post

10 Steps to Successful Blog Post Marketing

20 Secret Tips for Creating a Viral Blog Post

31 Days to Viral Blog Post Generated Traffic


15 Incredible Ways To Make Your Blog Post Viral!

The point is, the more effective your title is at grabbing an audience, the more effective your blog post will be about going viral. When you create a powerful and compelling reason to read beyond the title, you create a powerful and effective reason for the average person to SHARE your blog post.

7 Key Elements to Help Your Blog Post Go Viral

Just in case you’re really here, curious about how to write viral blog posts, I’m going to give you a list of 7 key elements that will help your blog post go viral. Get your pen, you’ll want to write these down, create a checkoff list, and put each of these elements in your blog posts!

1 – Stick with MEAT. Simple, chewable, high-quality content. Don’t waste your time on fluff, nobody is going to read it anyway. Stick with the good stuff and focus on getting to the point, and telling your reader what they want to hear.

2 – Get emotional. Use your five senses and write in ways that suck your reader into the article and make the FEEL what you’re writing about, with all five senses.

3 – Speak directly to ONE person in your audience. Tell that one person what you want them to know. If you don’t have a single person in your niche that you know well enough to share the information with, you probably don’t know the information well enough to share it with anyone.

4 – Get personal, and connect with your reader. SHARE the spotlight and let them know you’ve been where they are, felt what they feel.

5 – Give your reader something of value. The more you give away, the more you’ll get back. Don’t be afraid to give them value, content, purpose, and delivery. Give it in such a way that they can directly connect to what you give.

6 – Be authentically YOU. Be a little bit vulnerable, so they understand they’re really connected to you. Tell them how you feel about what you’re doing. If you’re scared silly that you’re giving away too much, and nobody will BUY what you offer because they think you’ll give more away – say it. Tell them. And remind them that you have to make a profit doing what you do, or you won’t be able to do it for very long. Be honest. Be authentic. Be real.

7 – Make it easy to get to what you offer. Add links, make sharing a big event, and share often. Go the distance and make it easy for others to share what you do. Give them all the accessories and access so they can share your work, drive more traffic, and show what you do to their friends who might be interested in it.

Viral Blog Post

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