Write Your Book – Master Your Market Faster

When you realize that if you write your book, you can master your market faster… You write the book.

Write Your BookThe key to being the expert, in many situations is to be published. Whether you’re published in a book – text book, fiction, or non-fiction book – or via many articles, publication is a big plus in your favor. A key component of being published is the ‘name in lights’ factor of fame. Recognition comes along with being a published author.

Get double the marketing effectiveness of any article marketing because you’re a published author. Of course, the foundation of article marketing includes some place to send your readers at the end of the article, so you’ll need a great website. But even more importantly is being able to offer your reader something of value that brings them to your focus group – with the big reveal that YOU are the go-to-expert in your chosen field.

To prove your status as the Go-To-Expert, you should write your book.

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Let’s talk about the benefits of writing a book about your expertise, and why this should be one of your priorities.

  • You get extra kudos from magazines when you send articles on spec, because you’re a published author. They recognize your published book giving your article, and their publication more credibility.
  • You have the option to sell your book to a major publishing house with a five-figure advance for writing your book.
  • Your published book establishes you as the recognized expert, accelerating your rise to prominence.
  • Your Expert Website markets YOU in an industry of your choice – your area of expertise – with the power to take you where you want to go.
  • You gain followers, readers, and the ability to generate a platform through the publication of your ezine. A newsletter online is the most powerful marketing tool in your marketing tool case.
  • Your customer connection becomes an automated system of you write it, they respond to it, success based communication.
  • You gain instant respect, authority in your field, as a published author, recognized by even the most predominant authorities as knowledgeable and experienced.
  • You have opportunity to promote yourself, empowered by your own efforts to become famous as an author, recognized for your success, and make thousands of dollars as a professional speaker in your area of expertise.
  • You gain major media coverage, and are encouraged to show up for interviews, appearances, and press conferences, as an author in an area of expertise.
  • You set off chain reactions, exponentially expanding your sphere of influence, capturing leads, and increasing your marketing potential, by writing a book.
  • Ultimately, you become unstoppable in your area of expertise, because you wrote a book, and your book propels you toward success. A guru in your industry!

Write Your Book And BE The Shining Start Of Your Niche

As much as you may wonder about the secret glory of writing your book, the reality is you become the shining star in your niche. An author gets press coverage. Authors receive many requests for talk show guest spots. You set off a chain of reactions, making you famous, just because your name is more than a byline.

In fact, as a result of writing your book, you’re unstoppable in the media. Showing up, gains you recognition. Making an entrance anywhere gets your name on the “A List” of people to invite. As the published expert, you seem more important. Yes. It is that easy.

Write Your Book To Prove Your Expertise

When your title shows up in magazines, on network television, and in the press, you gain recognition. Author coverage can make your business successful. You’re the expert.

Hands down, as a result of publication, you are branded as the expert. Therefore, you’re the go-to person in your niche because you wrote your book, and published. Articles in magazines refer to your published work. Other writers cite your work, reference you, and defer to your knowledge, because you write your book.

Functional, legitimate recognition is yours. How can you make a bigger impact?

  1. Guest post on niche specific blogs.
  2. Be published in trade magazines.
  3. Increase your press visibility.
  4. Maximize your online presence.
  5. Improve your website page ranks.

These are the simple things that you can do when you write your book. Hence, the marketing process, which includes all these things, will bring your level of expertise to the top-shelf. To capitalize on that, consequently, you simply apply the recognition to your brand.

Because your book reflects your expertise, you beat out the competition. Consequently, your level of visibility increases. In conclusion, you gain more leverage and your profits increase. These are the best possible results of writing your book.

Are you ready to get started?

Many topics and methods allow your message to be written. Your best opportunity for achieving your dreams is to write your book. Let’s talk. Let’s take a look at what you want to write and how. I help you find a genre, a topic, and a story line, and you write your book. Success comes with a winning team. I’m on your side.

Write Your Book

In conclusion – you need a mentor. Call me!

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