Ever wonder what it takes to be a writer for profit? Not as much as you might think, so I’ll get right to the strategies, and what I can do to help you become a profitable writer for profit.

writer for profit

Writers need blogs, a website where they can promote, celebrate, and build their own profitable platform for writing. Creating such a place online makes a difference between your success and failure in writing for profit.

Our web designers create powerful online positions for writers, with keyword optimized blog-type sites that allow you to manage your content and build a quantifiable marketing list using easy, fun, and creative marketing strategies.

We go beyond web design and assist you in the creation of a platform, developing content, and quantifiable marketing strategies to build your writer for profit brand.

writer for profit

What you want –

Every writer wants to:

  • share their message
  • get paid for what they write
  • make a difference in the world
  • be recognized in the marketplace
  • locate dedicated and adoring fans

Our platform based website/blog and marketing concepts wow your fans, appeal to buyers, publishers, and customers, and help you to impact your market with what really matters.

What you need –

Every writer has a list of basic needs that have to be available before they can achieve their ultimate writer dream of making a profit in the market place, and we have the resources you’re looking for. Things like:

  • Recognized publishers searching for what you offer
  • Opportunities to ‘write for profit’
  • Critical thinking editors and staff who understand what benefits you most
  • Stellar landing pages
  • A marketing list with many options
  • Great advice from a consultant who is successful at writing for profit.

Our consultant has been a writer for profit for more than 25 years, and understands the importance of finding a specific niche and filling that niche with platform based professional connections.

What you get –

When you hire us to build and host your website, for your writer for profit site, what you get is more value than you’ll get anywhere else. Here’s our beginner’s list, and there’s more, so much more:

  • Ready built content sharing platform with personalized header, design, and logos
  • Updated and maintained hosting of a wordpress platform with all key components
  • Various Plugins/Widgets/Add-ons all ready to work with your program
  • Social Media set up on site, plus advice for specific social media marketing techniques
  • Strategies for building your own writer platform
  • Consultation for building your website, driving your marketing, and creating your best foot forward approach to blogging and building your list
  • List building tools for the first year – with access to your excel spreadsheet list at the end of the year (or before if you choose to pull your own list server)
  • SEO & Keyword phrase planning plus optimization
  • Writing consultations for content value, where to promote, and who to market your writing to for the first several months
  • Creative adjustments to your website as needed (up to 3 upgrades as you grow)
  • Training for using your wordpress site – basic elemental training and recommended reading
  • Consultation on your message and why you need a specific, unique message, on your website to build your own tribe of followers and participating co-marketers
  • Quick and easy answers to any questions you have
  • FREE Access to my newsletter
  • Promotion. I don’t get specific on this because some platforms need more. Some platforms need less. I promote for profit.
  • Up to 3 landing pages, with unique newsletter options
  • Functional, responsive, and well maintained content manager with links and automated marketing program

Here’s the Writer for Profit Deal

These are the primary things you receive, up front. Because each writer for profit has a specific platform, and therefore different needs, instead of offering up a flat basis for your website, and leaving it there… I offer an on-going program of service, to help you with technology, and also to assist in the direction and construction of your online business platform. You’ll need one!

Domain, hosting, and website creation (with no content), is $565. Click the button below to get started!

Yes, it is a subscribe button, because along with the hosting package, your basic graphics, and elements of success imparted in the design of your site, there will be on going connection, training, and effort, making this program successful for you. And that continuing, month to month fee is $69.