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Writers use words to express themselves, to tell a story, or to communicate in ways that most people never really consider communication.

We think in word terms and what they mean, how to understand them, and how to use them constantly. It’s a huge part of our day.

Writers often find themselves confused when others misuse words, or use them inappropriately, or worse, limit their vocabulary to words that have no real value or meaning other than shock factor.

Dropping an F bomb in the middle or beginning of a sentence where it means something is valuable, but if it’s used as punctuation for every sentence you speak, the word ceases to have meaning or value.

Writers frequently get upset with non-writers who just don’t understand basic concepts and apply meaning that isn’t there, to words not even used.

Writers are mistaken for rude, when they’re simply being literal.

Writers don’t waste energy on mundane attempts at communication. They either communicate, or move on.

Sometimes words get in the way of how we really feel, because we’d like to be screaming them full volume instead of communicating nicely, like we know we can.

Logic is overrated.

Writer license means I can rewrite my story to make it sound better.

I don’t have to be funny to be good.

I’m sure I’ll add more Writer Thoughts later, this was a fun thought processing app to play with today.

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  1. I was trying to figure out where you found the word ’empower’. LOL I totally missed the word in my header, http://www.WriterThoughts.com has been one of my favorite blogs over the years, because so many writers get to share their short stories there.

    We lost several hundred blog posts there with the hackers, and I just don’t have the time to go back and repost them… But we’re back to adding new posts, and I love the look too. I think Gray is a fun color. I’m sure I’ll add some accents eventually, but for now Gray is Gray.

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