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Yesterday Sucked the LIFE out of Today — 9 Comments

  1. There’s NEVER been any doubt in the mind of Toby and THE Sales Wizard that you, Ms. Jan, are wonderful, talented, brilliant and valuable! Know it and believe it…it’s the truth! All of us who know you know it!! Remember that God works EVERYTHING together for good, even the difficult days, crazy neighbor kids, cranky computers and appliances and tech that don’t work right…because you love Him! He loves you, and so do I!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow, lots to contend with Jan! I KNOW how hard you work and all the business that you get done. With that, perhaps, scheduling a day of NO WORK is what you might think of? IDK, Lord knows that I’m not the best at getting things done even M-F. But, and with that, He always takes care of things/me. Crazy neighborhood sounds like, but you’re there for a reason… perhaps to make a difference in THAT neighborhood for Him?

    • Not normally a crazy neighborhood, but yesterday shifted the gap… I really like my apartment and my neighbors had been really awesome until yesterday. I figure this too shall pass, but in the meanwhile… I’m keeping my head down.

      I generally do take a day off, but I wanted my day off this week, in the middle of the week. A certain girl has a birthday.

      If I get snow tonight and tomorrow, that may still happen. 😀 Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Today – is a hangover day. I’m working, but I’ve taken more breaks than usual, and drank more coffee than I needed. lol

    • God always uses those struggles to His gain, and I know without a doubt He carries me through them. Sometimes it’s necessary to share the struggles so people believe when we share our faith. Thank you for your comment.

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