You had ONE job. Just One.

You had one job, just one. It was an important one. You needed to make some choices, and you did. But you chose badly. Now… How is that my responsibility? And why did you wake me up with this problem?

“I don’t usually get uptight about service providers, but this time… I’m livid. In fact, I’m more than livid. I’m frustrated, angry, and determined to find a solution that doesn’t include this service provider. Because there’s got to be a better way!” ~he said.

It wasn’t the first time I’d awakened to that particular voice in my ear – a phone call before my normal wake up time, and I’d answered without looking at caller ID. Had I looked, I would have rejected the call. EVERY Call from this person starts out the same exact way, and generally with a problem I didn’t create and have NOTHING to do with. But somehow, even though they chose NOT to go with my services, I get their calls.

Service ProviderWhen the service you wish to have is provided by someone in your network, WHY go outside the network and PAY for services that don’t meet your expectations? And WHY on God’s green earth would you CALL the person in your network who actually PROVIDES BETTER services, to complain when you choose NOT to go with their services?

ONE Job 

Your job is to find the servers within your network who will provide the services you need, and hire that person. Even if they cost a bit more, if their services are better, there’s probably a reason for the price difference.

Private Servers

When I started my web hosting services, I knew I could ‘go big’ and price everything super cheap, but I also know I couldn’t provide the kind of service that I provide to my clients, at a super cheap price with so many accounts, so I chose to charge a bit more, provide better service, and serve fewer clients. So, when you call me complaining about the lack of service provided by your CHEAP server. Sorry. Not sorry. I can’t help you. And waking me up in the morning with your rants, really makes me GLAD you’re not on my server, because occasionally, ANY server will crash for a short period of time.

BE Sure I’ve had my Coffee before you Yell at Me!

I need more coffee for this!That first cup of Joe is a requirement if you’re going to yell at me for something I didn’t do. I know, I’m tough, and I can take it. Most of the time, I’ll even gladly listen to your rant,  knowing it is someone else you’re ranting about… But… Coffee. Be sure I’ve had mine.

And if you didn’t BUY the time you want to spend screaming at me – I highly recommend it – because I might be less inclined to SCREAM back.

CoffeeThe key to getting logical answers, helpful solutions, and the best responses for your rant, is either checking my mood to be sure I’m ready to be helpful or PAYING for my time. Yes, money talks, bullshit walks. Bonnie taught me that lesson well a while back, and I haven’t forgotten it… Pay me, and I’ll listen to you.

Just to give you a quick tip, I charge $125 an hour for basic consultations, a $5 coffee is not worth two hours of my time if your purpose for having coffee with me is to rant in my ear about services I provide that you have chosen NOT to pay for. There are brick walls for that purpose, and they don’t want coffee. 

You had ONE Job. Just One.

When you choose a web designer, be sure you get what you need. If all you need is a place to put the content you’re going to post on your website, a $600 a year site is probably a really good deal, because you don’t need a lot of services, you just need someone to FIX your mistakes, manage the technical details, and occasionally – like once or twice a year – update your site details, colors, themes, etc. But you can add your own content, update your own pages, and add in your own changes to the front page… Well hey, that’s a good deal! But if you need someone who updates the tidbits monthly, adds monthly content, or walks you through your weekly crisis on the phone a $600 annual fee isn’t enough to pay me for my time and effort on your behalf. You know you need a bigger package, so don’t buy the minimum and expect me to cater to your BIGGER needs. I have rent to pay, grandbabies to visit, and a wonderful life to live too. Let’s be fair, and yes… Even generous in giving. I will ALWAYS give you more than you’re paying for, but please don’t push that “generous spirit” beyond the boundary. I do have a boundary.

Do you NEED hands on assistance with posting & updates?

If you need someone to help you with these services, a $10 a month service isn’t going to be enough. Pay more, because you need more. Otherwise, you need to learn to do these things yourself. Consider quickly, the amount of time you’re asking me to spend on your projects, and remember that you’re not my only client. I have many clients and if all of them take the amount of time you’re requesting and give nothing back, I become used up and abandoned, because nobody wants a tired old hag working on their projects.

Responsive Websites


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