Your Story is Your Message

How do I brand my business? 

The question was on the table again. And I answered, “Tell your story.”

Online MarketingWe’ve had this same conversation so many times that I can’t even count them, by now, and every time she flounders, she asks me the same question… How do I brand my business?

I can’t get clients. They just don’t find me. And when I do, they listen to my spiel and go elsewhere to buy. Why?

Because YOU aren’t what they’re hearing, they just get the facts from your message, not YOU. They need to hear YOU. Hear your story. Know YOU. So they’ll buy from YOU.

Build Trust.

One of the first things a client needs when buying from you, is trust. They need to know they can trust you. To know that, they need to feel comfortable with you, to like you, to feel a connection with you. By sharing your story, your customer can relate to you and feel connected. Once that life trust and connection is made, it’s difficult to break.

Build trust first, because it’s important.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

You probably think I’m joking about this one. I’m not. Your story is important, and without telling your story, nobody will know why you’re a leader, why you choose to follow, or what the heck you’re doing standing in their way. Tell your story, give them reason, and let them see why you are where you are.

Your story will set you apart, show you as a leader, or explain why you are part of the traffic pattern in their world. If you’re a road block to their achievement, they need to know why you’re in the way, or you need to MOVE.

Don’t stop.

Some of the most significant branding marks I’ve seen on any business are dedication, determination, and persistence. When a business owner ‘just keeps going’ even when the odds are against him, or her, their clients and customers begin to realize that there is no END to what this person who serves them will do to meet their needs.

Success comes from determination to achieve your goal. Without determination, dedication, and persistence, many a goal would have fallen by the wayside, unachieved. Don’t let yours be among them.

Business Model

Are you ready to brand your business and find ways to make the most of who you are?

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